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The Coming Debacle In Ukraine

Having sold a war to the Western public for over a year and half this narrative is beginning to collapse. The ‘valiant’ Ukrainians bravely fighting the ‘imperialist’ Russia. With Western press airbrushing out the Nazi symbology or creating emojis for Nazi symbols on Instagram. What’s missing from this brave narrative is the Ukrainians press ganged …

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The Last Of Us: Apocalypse Dystopia and 1980s Nostalgia Is All The Empire Has Left To Offer

Watching the latest Last Of Us episode (episode 7, Left Behind) you can’t help but be struck by how Americans want to turn back the clocks to the 1980s. Back when the Soviet bloc was suffering stagnation: due to the Krushchev revisionist turn in 1956 in ideology and economy and the US imperialists dropping the world …

Capitalist Failure, The Degenerate West, USA

Pedophilia Promoted At Balenciago and Addidas

Balenciaga recently released some photos of a photoshoot featuring a child holding a teddy bear wearing a bondage outfit. Visible in the photos is a dog collar on the table. And in a carefully laid out set of documents can be seen references to a paedophile case. The court papers displayed are from the 2008 …