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US Crimes, World War 3

The Incoming Nuclear False Flag in Ukraine To Activate US Troops

The United States is the master of the false flag to brainwash it’s population into supporting war.The US has fabricated “incubator babies” being thrown out of incubators to get the liberals teary eyed and hungry for war.Hilary Clinton (and a corrupt mainstream media), known Epstein associate, claimed Ghaddafi gave viagra to soldiers to rape to …

Biowarfare, Ukraine, US Crimes

US Biolabs In Ukraine

A detailed breakdown of how the United States and DTRA(US Defense Threat Reduction Agency) contracted out investors to fund research into biowarfare for the US military. Investors like Bidens son, Hunter Biden, funnelled millions of dollars into biowarfare research based in Ukraine via a company called Metabiota. Hunter Biden himself is a crack addict with …

Capitalist looting, Imperialism, US Crimes

The Latest Attempt To Steal Venezuelas Oil: Juan Guaido Signs A $213m Contract To Kidnap The President of Venezuela

As the American Empire declines further it’s attempts to steal and loot the world become ever more brazen. Leading up to the Yugoslav, Afghanistan and Iraq wars we heard much clamouring for human rights. For Yugoslavia we heard eloquent phrases from parliamentarians on humanitarian intervention. Comparisons to Hitler were abound and frantic propagandists screamed at …