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Covid, EcoFascism, Fascism, The Degenerate West

Richie Brown Show with Michelle Stirling

A tour de force by Michelle Stirling. Michelle shows her knowledge in understanding how the climate movement evolved out of eugenicists and Malthusians. From the early 20th century eugenicists who spread their fake science to Germany under the moustache man. “Limits to Growth” and the “Population bomb” then moving onto Co2. The same foundations: Carnegie …

Canada, Fascism, The Degenerate West

Liberal Death Cult and The Blue Whale: Canada’s Euthanasia Program Extends To The Poor And Disabled

Liberalism: A Litany of Lies Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a Nazi, is a quite popular saying. Liberalism afterall gave birth to the twins; the enlightenment and racial chattel slavery. The Hitlerites only enacted in Eastern Europe what Americans had done to the natives and blacks. What the English did to China and India …


Fascism Comes In Green As Well As Brown

The environmental movement has a long, reactionary history. Can the environmental movement be considered “progressive”, given it’s long history of misanthropic hatred for humanity cooked up in elite institutions? Or is this movement reactionary because it attempts to“rollback the wheels of time”(Marx, Communist Manifesto)? Are outfits like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil (funded by …