Stupid Psyop’d Old Couple Working for Billionaire Funded Pressure Group – Just Stop Oil – Try To Smash Magna Carta

Recently an old coupler in the 80s were trying to break into the Magna Carta wearing Just Stop Oil shirts.

To understand the psyop going on with Just Stop Oil we should understand oil as a complete cartel monopoly. Monopolies are not really interested in selling their oil. Artificially restricting access to oil and letting the cost of oil go sky high, working as a tax on the working class, is far more appealing.

What’s more ideologically the imperialist class, because of their monopoly on oil, believe fervently in degrowth, Malthusianism and depopulation.

Who Is Behind Just Stop Oil?

Who is behind Just Stop Oil reveals how Imperialism, as a stage of capitalist development, is organsied and run. It is not an abstract concept but run by real people with names and addresses. Who have chosen to side with the bourgeois class to defraud, depopulate and defeat working class power. It is therefore no suprise the family of oil barons are helping to “fight climate change”.

Just Stop Oil take huge amounts of money from the “Climate Emergency Fund”.

Climate Emergency Fund was founded in 2019 2 by investor Trevor Neilson and Rory Kennedy, a daughter of former U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY). It received a $500,000 seed grant from oil heiress Aileen Getty. 3

Aileen Getty (the lady pictured above) is the grand daughter of J Paul Getty, the Oil tycoon.

In 2019, Climate Emergency Fund had total revenue of $2,383,778, total expenses of $840,423, and net assets of $1,543,355. 4

In 2022, the fund claimed to have disbursed $4 million, but its tax returns for 2020, 2021, and 2022 were available as of October 2022. 5

The fund gave $15,000 to support Art Not War’s “climate emergency social network,” $50,000 to Climate Mobilization Project for “general support,” $75,000 to support March on Maryland’s “future coalition operation,” $25,000 to National Institute 4 Peer Support’s “Extinction Rebellion project funds,” and $20,000 to the River Project to support the “growth of XRLA.” 6

Additionally, Climate Emergency Fund gave small contributions to activist groups and activist training groups. It gave $15,000 to Alliance of Community Trainers for “training,” $7,500 to Social Good Fund for its support of “climate justice activists,” $35,000 to Sustainable Markets Foundation for “climate activists training,” $10,000 to XR Southwest Michigan for its support of “climate activism,” and $10,000 to Youth Climate Action Team for “climate justice.” 7

In September 2022, liberal Hollywood film director Adam McKay pledged a $4 million donation to Climate Emergency Fund. McKay also became a member of the fund’s board. 8

Abigail Disney, an heiress of the Disney fortune, donated $200,000 to Climate Emergency Fund, saying, “Past generations have failed us, and now it’s up to us to take swift action to avert climate disaster.” 9

Whilst psyop’ing old people to commit random acts of violence Aileen Getty also funds LGBT.

Aileen has her own foundation, the Aileen Getty Foundation, which gives grants to LGBT and environmentalist groups.


In Helen Joyces book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality she points out the billionaires funding LGBT.

One is an American transwoman billionaire, Jennifer (James) Pritzker, a retired soldier and one of the heirs to a vast family fortune. Pritzker’s personal foundation, Tawani, makes grants to universities, the ACLU, GLAAD, HRC and smaller activist groups. To cite a couple of examples, in 2016 it gave the University of Victoria $2 million to endow a chair of trans-gender studies, and throughout the ‘bathroom wars’ it supported Equality Illinois Education Project, which is linked to a group campaigning for gender self-ID in the state. Two other billionaires, neither transgender, also spend lavishly on transactivism. One is Jon Stryker, another heir to a fortune. His foundation, Arcus, supports LGBT campaign group ILGA, and Transgender Europe, which channels funding to national self-ID campaigns. Arcus funds the LGBT Movement Advancement Project, which tracks gender identity advocacy in dozens of countries (and partners with President Biden’s personal foundation on the Advancing Acceptance Initiative, which promotes early childhood transition). In 2015 Arcus announced that it would give $15 million in the next five years to American trans-rights groups. Among the recipients were the ACLU, the Transgender Law Center, the Trans Justice Funding Project and the Freedom Center for Social Justice, which campaigned against North Carolina’s bathroom law. In 2019, it gave $2 million to found a queer-studies programme at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, and it funds Athlete Ally, the group that dropped Martina Navratilova as an ambassador when she opposed trans inclusion in female sports. In March 2021 he gave a further $15m to the ACLU, to be spent in part on pressing for legal change. The third billionaire funder of transactivism is George Soros, via his Open Society Foundations (OSF), a network of independently managed philanthropic institutions. OSF has made multi-million-dollar donations to both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, and in 2010 gave $100 million to the HRC, the largest donation the campaign group had ever received. OSF pays for the production of model laws and ‘best-practice’ documents on trans-related issues. To highlight just one example, in 2014 it supported ‘License to be Yourself’, a guide to campaigning for national gender self-ID laws. This argued, among other things, that children of any age should be able to change their legal sex at will. This pattern of funding helps explain the gap between trans campaign groups’ rhetoric and the policies they pursue. The talk is about the world’s downtrodden: poor, homeless trans people forced into survival sex work, lacking health care and harassed by the police. But the money comes in large part from the world’s most powerful people: rich, white American males.

Helen Joyce, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

The increasingly unhinged environmental movement is not part of some grass roots movement. But middle class reactionaries guilted into doing stupid like smashing the Magna Carta to act as pressure groups for millionaires and billionaires.

What the bourgeois get out of these protests is increasing social control as they seek to bring in Central Bank Digital Currencies, when fiat currencies eventually collapse, and the ability to track and mould an individuals life choices by tying your access to money to what you are ‘allowed’ to purchase against an individual “carbon record”.

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