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Capitalist looting, Imperialism, US Crimes

The Latest Attempt To Steal Venezuelas Oil: Juan Guaido Signs A $213m Contract To Kidnap The President of Venezuela

As the American Empire declines further it’s attempts to steal and loot the world become ever more brazen. Leading up to the Yugoslav, Afghanistan and Iraq wars we heard much clamouring for human rights. For Yugoslavia we heard eloquent phrases from parliamentarians on humanitarian intervention. Comparisons to Hitler were abound and frantic propagandists screamed at …

China, Hybrid War, Imperialism, USA

Does The United States Have The Strength And Allies To Confront China In The New Cold War?

Hearing American hawks on China is an interesting phenomena. Gordan Chang provides a snapshot of this. A neoconservative and China hawk he has predicted numerous times since 2001 that China was about to collapse. They assign wishful properties to China – channelling their Gordan Chang energy. They discuss China as if their population is a …