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“Events like now happen once in a century”: Sergei Glazyev on the break of eras and the change of ways

Is it possible to stabilize the ruble in three days and why Ukrainian “zombies” do not give up Editors note: This is a translation from Russian of an article held at “After failing to weaken the PRC head-on through a trade war, the Americans shifted the main blow to Russia, which they see as …

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Russians Improving Attitude Toward The Cheka, The Soviet Union And Socialism Generally

A survey done by Levada in 2018[1] has shown the attitude of Russians views towards the Cheka have improved. In fact the amount of Russians that now associate the Cheka with “political terror or repression has fallen 12% from 23%. DECEMBER 20, 1917 THE VCHK (VE-CHE-KA) – THE ALL-RUSSIAN EMERGENCY COMMISSION WAS CREATED. DO YOU KNOW …

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Communist Nostalgia As The Reality Of Bourgeois Democracy Hits Home In Eastern Europe

Stalins approval rating hit a record high amongst Russians recently showing a 70 percent approval rating of Josef Stalin published by the independent Levada Center pollster. (Stalin’s Approval Rating Among Russians Hits Record High — Pol, The Moscow Times, 16 April 2019) With this in mind it is worth examining some of the polls coming …