The Last Of Us: Apocalypse Dystopia and 1980s Nostalgia Is All The Empire Has Left To Offer

Watching the latest Last Of Us episode (episode 7, Left Behind) you can’t help but be struck by how Americans want to turn back the clocks to the 1980s.

Back when the Soviet bloc was suffering stagnation: due to the Krushchev revisionist turn in 1956 in ideology and economy and the US imperialists dropping the world oil price with the Saudis in the 1980s.

As a result of US imperialism’s cunning and scheming the Saudi’s were able to plummet the price of oil from $32 a barrel to $10 a barrel. For the USSR’s economy this was a deathblow plunging the USSR into recession in 1985–86. In 1986 USSR lost more than $20 billion (approximately 7.5% of the USSR’s annual income), and it already had a budget deficit.

In 1986, USSR’s external loans were about $30 billion; by 1989 they had reached $50 billion.

During the 1980s the American’s were filled with promise of the future. Imperialism’s crimes hidden behind a thriving music scene and a bourgeois press putting a magnifying glass on Soviet collapse.

Ellie Discovers An Abandoned Mall

It’s no surprise therefore that Ellie in Last Of Us discovers a shopping mall with wonderment in her eyes soundtracked to Aha’s 1985 “Take On Me”. It might be a coincidence that they chose this track released in the same year the US triggered a fatal recession in the Soviet Union as the pinnacle of American nostalgia but I don’t think so.

It represented the joy and happiness of the Americans entering the unipolar moment and the dream of the Project For the New American Century and the death of socialism. As the Soviet Union collapsed the revisionist British Communist Party of Great Britain, filled with weak hearted communists dissolved itself, insisting “Communism was a mistake of historic proportions”.(CPGB-ML, Britain’s road To Socialism?)

A sad and sorry story in the history of British communism tracing itself to the 1951 British Road To Socialism, setting the Party’s orientation to essentially just voting for the imperialist Labour Party.

With Communists having been reduced to the worms described above it is any wonder that Liberals got to ascend across the globe. Their answers to the overproduction crisis created by capitalism, profit motive and lack of meaningful labour is responded with euthanasia, mass suicide, depopulation and a technocratic dictatorship.

“I feel like the only solution is pretty clear,” he said during one online news program in late 2021. “In the end, isn’t it mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku’ of the elderly?” Seppuku is an act of ritual disembowelment that was a code among dishonored samurai in the 19th century.(Ny Times, A Yale Professor Suggested Mass Suicide for Old People in Japan. What Did He Mean?)

A Telegraph journalist has suggested coronavirus could ‘prove mildly beneficial’ to the UK economy by killing off elderly Britons. (Metro,

Medically assisted deaths could save millions in health care spending: Report, CBC

‘Easier to let go’: Terminally ill woman in Canadian euthanasia commercial that ‘glorified suicide’ previously said she wanted to live but couldn’t afford care to improve her quality of life, Daily Mail

Looking in hindsight the image of a decrepit shopping mall, representing unfettered consumerism, abundance and imperialist parasitism you can understand why Ellie looks at the shopping mall with wonder and amazement. Before disaster struck.

This scene is not new of course. In 2009s The Road the father is seen giving his son a can of coke in a touching moment that is supposed to express that the pinnacle of American empire was a can of diabetes-inducing-poison-sugar-water.

A similar appeal to nostalgia in The Road.

What should be a jarringly obscenity makes sense only under the following conditions..

America’s religion of anti-communism created a nation of people incapable of seeing the future in any positive uplifting way. We are reminded of Zizek’s “they cannot even imagine a future without capitalism”.

So all they see is disaster.

For Last Of Us the disaster is the spread of a fungus which turns people into (basically) zombies.

But one doesn’t have to stretch too hard to see the disaster as the decline of American imperialism even as the bodies were piled high in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Yemen etc.

Mass politics, insist the liberal anti-communists, are but different ends of the same horseshoe. Do not dream about massive infrastructure projects to invigorate the masses and unleash the latent potential of the people raising them to higher and higher heights.

Drink your diabetes juice, watch your pornography and go back to sleep.

Continued Promotion of Bourgeois Decadence For Purposes of Depopulating The Proletariat

Last Of Us episode 7 continued the normalisation of sexual lifestyles promoted by the foremost capitalist-eugenicists of the 20th century.

Lenin in imperialism stated

The rentier state is a state of parasitic, decaying capitalism, and this circumstance cannot fail to influence all the socio-political conditions of the countries concerned, in general, and the two fundamental trends in the working-class movement, in particular.

Imperialism the Highest State of Capitalism (my emphasis)

American eugenicists were instrumental in spreading their ideology to nazi Germany in the 1920s and 1930s. After World War 2 the prominent American eugenicists had to retreat in the face of the appalling consequences their ‘race science’ (ie. complete nonsense pseudo science).

After World War 2 the Rockefeller Foundation on the one hand promoted the sexual revolution through fake science. Fake science that even the Rockefeller Foundation knew was fake.

Kinsey’s preposterous statistical data served the Rockefeller Foundation’s larger purposes. You will recall that six years prior to the Reece Committee hearings the Foundation had been informed of the bad data by Warren Weaver, the head of its Natural Sciences Division. In 1948, Weaver had dis- cussed Kinsey’s lack of scientific methodology with Allen Wallis of the University of Chicago, 19 and later wrote that although monies for “the National Research Council Committee for Research in Problems of Sex were, from 1934 through 1941, recommended to the Trustees by me,” 20 the Kinsey research was a scientific farce. He had bluntly asserted, “I know of no evidence that Dr. Kinsey understands the underlying statistical character of his work,” and had charged that neither Kinsey nor his assistant, Clyde Martin, had “the competence… [or] interest” in correcting this shocking fault. Weaver was, for example, appalled to discover that “Kinsey quotes an ‘average,’ which on examination, turns out to be an average of just one case!” 21 Despite the exposure of Kinsey’s worthless research by Weaver, Wallis, Hobbs, and other cred- ible critics, Rockefeller Foundation trustees continued to fund the Kinsey sex studies until 1954, when the Reece Committee planned to publicly examine both Kinsey and his data.

Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, p279

Alfred Kinsey was a degenerate and paedophile protector. A documentary would eventually be made about him titled “Kinsey’s Paedophiles“.

And on the other hand the Rockefeller foundation was drafting the Jaffe Memo where for purposes of depopulation amongst the brain storming of ideas are; promote homosexuality and forced sterilisation.

The special interest group of LGBT from the richest people on earth has now become a pillar of imperialist foreign policy. Many interesting videos of the like below can be seen whereby Presidents are forced to answer Western Liberals on why they have not implemented LGBT rights. Listen to a Ugandan president talk about social-imperialism for instance.

The constant push of bourgeois decadence on the population should be considered a psyop by the US imperialists to get as many children to sterilise themselves (or on the path to sterilisation) by sending them down Tumblr rabbit holes where they learn “trans people are oppressed”.

But even John D’emilio, a pro LGBT, admits that

“gay men and lesbians have not always existed. Instead, they are a product of history, and have come into existence in a specific historical era…associated with the relations of capitalism.”

We might add that this specific historical era is one of rampant imperialist violence creating a layer of labour aristocrats more wedded to imperialism than proletarian revolution. Entire States living like parasite landlords.

It is no wonder then that LGBT has become a pillar of US imperialist domination.

Engels wrote of the English proletariat in 1858:

The English proletariat is actually becoming more and more bourgeois, so that the ultimate aim of this most bourgeois of all nations would appear to be the possession, alongside the bourgeoisie, of a
bourgeois aristocracy and a bourgeois proletariat. In the case of a nation which exploits the entire world this is, of course, justified to some extent

The same can be said of the American proletariat who have long passed into a Labour Aristocracy. With the increasing privations of imperialism more American Labour Aristocrats are being ground into the proletariat. When the US dollar is finally dethroned and the US can no longer import goods, raw materials, services for green bits of paper the emerging proletariat will have to reconcile the depopulation agenda pushed on them by their own bourgeoisie and creating a productive (not parasitic finance industry) industrial output.

History Keeps Marching

The Russian Special Military Operation ended forever the dream of American unipolarity. What started as an SMO has long evolved into a direct war against NATO as NATO nations have flooded Ukraine with contractors and weapons.

Drifting from one wreckless move to the next the international terrorism of the Nordstream 2 bombing may temporarily keep Germany (and therefore Europe) as a neocolony.

But the stunning revelations of Seymour Hersh will likely be the first chip in the wall of Atlanticists sycophants that has been raised in Berlin. What we will witness over the next decade is a rollback of American power in Europe as the disgusting liberals are cleared out of power.

The Swedish did their own investigations into the Nordstream 2 bombing before refusing to share any of their data.

Questions are being asked about seismic weapons in the earthquake against Turkey (a NATO member) who has taken a neutral line toward Russia.

The US attacking Turkey is nothing new. The 2016 coup attempt against Erdogan was instigated by a US. The November bombing in Istanbul was committed by the US or at least with US complicity.

Turkey accused the United States of complicity in the attack because America has long maintained a military partnership with a Kurdish-led militia in Syria. Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu, during a visit to the site of the attack on Monday, dismissed condolence messages from the United States, saying this was like “the killer is among the first ones returning to the scene.” (Ny Times, Turkey Accuses U.S. of Complicity in Istanbul Attack That Killed 6, Nov 14 2022)

Nato is currently eating itself.

In January 2022 I wrote:

This immense pressure on Nato could shatter the alliance as the Europeans finally decide it is better to deal with Russia on their own terms than terms dictated from the halls of Washington and London. When the Soviet Union fell, due to the recklessness and idealism of market socialists, Nato should’ve packed its bags and disbanded.

The subsequent looting of the Russian nation under that traitor Yeltsin should prove to Russians that the West will never accept Russia into ‘polite circles’ unless Russian women with masters degrees are prostituting themselves to pay for food (as they were in the 1990s). Whether the Russians like it or not this historical task has fallen to them — Western societies too gluttonous, narcissistic and self obsessed to bring down their own war machines that torment the world.

Today Nato represents an ever present threat to the people of the world. It’s war profiteering has contaminated every facet of Western societies.

But we very may well be living in it’s end day.

It is unfortunate that every century the weight of the world falls on the Russian soldier.

We can only wish them godspeed.

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