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US Biolabs In Ukraine

A detailed breakdown of how the United States and DTRA(US Defense Threat Reduction Agency) contracted out investors to fund research into biowarfare for the US military. Investors like Bidens son, Hunter Biden, funnelled millions of dollars into biowarfare research based in Ukraine via a company called Metabiota. Hunter Biden himself is a crack addict with …

Biowarfare, Hybrid War, Imperialism, Russia

“Events like now happen once in a century”: Sergei Glazyev on the break of eras and the change of ways

Is it possible to stabilize the ruble in three days and why Ukrainian “zombies” do not give up Editors note: This is a translation from Russian of an article held at “After failing to weaken the PRC head-on through a trade war, the Americans shifted the main blow to Russia, which they see as …

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Collection Of Documents That Were Publicly Available on US Embassy in Kiev website

This post is a short one to collate documents. Once the Russians raised concerns of biowarfare the US embassy based in Kiev began hastily deleting files off it’s website. Those URL’s were backed up at however. Will return to upload PDF’s in case begins censorship also. …