The Diplomatic Post is a publication dedicated to the expansion of democracy, truth, preservation of the environment and for journalistic integrity.

The Diplomatic Post is an independent journal which considers capitalism a disease upon humanity. An economic system that is predicated on war and slave exploitation in the global south and ever worsening civil liberties, working conditions in the capitalist centre (ie. the United States and it’s vassal states in Nato). The press act as little more than prostitutes to governments who reprint Government Press statements as if they were factual.

The bourgeois are now starting to realise that their horrific ideology might mean the extinction of the entire of the human race. JP Morgan in Feb 2020 had a report leaked where they discuss the possible extinction of the human race. We now are seeing also the bourgeois class buying up bunkers all over the globe because they no longer see a future for humanity.

The organisation of production for profit, exported all over the world at the barrel of a gun, has brought humanity to a crisis point. They’re ideology is illegitimate, discredited and their future is in the past.