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Russians Improving Attitude Toward The Cheka, The Soviet Union And Socialism Generally

A survey done by Levada in 2018[1] has shown the attitude of Russians views towards the Cheka have improved. In fact the amount of Russians that now associate the Cheka with “political terror or repression has fallen 12% from 23%. DECEMBER 20, 1917 THE VCHK (VE-CHE-KA) – THE ALL-RUSSIAN EMERGENCY COMMISSION WAS CREATED. DO YOU KNOW …


That Time Winston Churchill Wanted To Start World War 3… Before World War 2 Was Even Over

R S Ahthion — As the great industrial slaughter of human beings that was World War 2 came to an end and Germany was being divided the British government was drawing up plans to re-arm the Nazi’s and along with the Americans, plan a surprise attack against the Soviet Union. The target date for this …