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Oleg Khorzan leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria has been murdered

Oleg Khorzan, the leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria, has been assassinated. His life had been threatened recently after he started to work in uniting the oppositional forces in both Transnistria and Moldova. His murderers could come from either side of the divide as there are many who profit from the current situation. The …

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You Were Poisoned By The Bourgeois For An Experimental ‘Vaccine’

Editors Note: DiplomaticPost has been unwilling to touch the subject of the security state apparatus erected in 2020 which resulted in the forced vaccination of most of the population and the turning into leppers those that refused the vaccine. Partly because conspiracies wildly circulate during these periods and partly because DiplomaticPost is not in a …