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Covid, EcoFascism, Fascism, The Degenerate West

Richie Brown Show with Michelle Stirling

A tour de force by Michelle Stirling. Michelle shows her knowledge in understanding how the climate movement evolved out of eugenicists and Malthusians. From the early 20th century eugenicists who spread their fake science to Germany under the moustache man. “Limits to Growth” and the “Population bomb” then moving onto Co2. The same foundations: Carnegie …

Canada, Fascism, The Degenerate West

Liberal Death Cult and The Blue Whale: Canada’s Euthanasia Program Extends To The Poor And Disabled

Liberalism: A Litany of Lies Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a Nazi, is a quite popular saying. Liberalism afterall gave birth to the twins; the enlightenment and racial chattel slavery. The Hitlerites only enacted in Eastern Europe what Americans had done to the natives and blacks. What the English did to China and India …


Fascism Comes In Green As Well As Brown

The environmental movement has a long, reactionary history. Can the environmental movement be considered “progressive”, given it’s long history of misanthropic hatred for humanity cooked up in elite institutions? Or is this movement reactionary because it attempts to“rollback the wheels of time”(Marx, Communist Manifesto)? Are outfits like Extinction Rebellion and Just Stop Oil (funded by …

Biowarfare, Capitalist looting, Haiti, US Crimes

Another US Mission To Subdue And Subjugate Haiti, A Playground For US Bioweapons

Imperialism’s rise in the 20th century had a progressive component to it. For the oppressing nations to exploit the oppressed nations it was forced to build infrastructure (primarily for the purposes of looting and shipping the countries natural resources and wealth to the exploiting nation). With the building of infrastructure projects the disparate peasantry was …

Capitalist Failure, LGBT, USA

Western Absolute Evil – Trans Shooter Manifesto Covered Up By Big Tech and Fake News Media

Reading news from the United States is like getting a front row seat to an incredibly dysfunctional family. We already know the daughter is going to be a stripper with a drug abuse problem, the son will be dealing drugs or stealing cars, the mother slipping into veil of alcoholism and the father in prison …

Banderites, LGBT, Nazism, Ukraine

Transvestite NeoNazi Sarah Ashton Cirillo – Pranked Called by Russian Prangsters

NATO imperialism demands expansion, just as Rome did, before it began to collapse in on itself. When the Soviet Union collapsed the bullwark against NATO imperialism collapsed with it. What followed was decades of destruction and death left in NATO’s wake. Where they make a desert, they call it peace, Tacitus remarked of the Roman …

The Degenerate West, US Crimes, USA, War

The Coming Debacle In Ukraine

Having sold a war to the Western public for over a year and half this narrative is beginning to collapse. The ‘valiant’ Ukrainians bravely fighting the ‘imperialist’ Russia. With Western press airbrushing out the Nazi symbology or creating emojis for Nazi symbols on Instagram. What’s missing from this brave narrative is the Ukrainians press ganged …

Banderites, Ukraine

Explosive Letter Pilfered from US Defense Department Unveiled Online: Shocking Revelation of Plans to Oust Ukrainian President!

In a startling revelation, a purportedly pilfered letter, believed to have been snatched from the clutches of the US Department of Defense, has resurfaced on the digital realm. Allegedly swiped by a mysterious informant named Jack Teixeira during the past winter, this covert communique has ignited a firestorm on the Internet. The missive, boldly addressed …

AntiCommunism, Bourgeois democracy, Transnistria

Oleg Khorzan leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria has been murdered

Oleg Khorzan, the leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria, has been assassinated. His life had been threatened recently after he started to work in uniting the oppositional forces in both Transnistria and Moldova. His murderers could come from either side of the divide as there are many who profit from the current situation. The …