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Capitalist Failure, LGBT, USA

Western Absolute Evil – Trans Shooter Manifesto Covered Up By Big Tech and Fake News Media

Reading news from the United States is like getting a front row seat to an incredibly dysfunctional family. We already know the daughter is going to be a stripper with a drug abuse problem, the son will be dealing drugs or stealing cars, the mother slipping into veil of alcoholism and the father in prison …

Banderites, LGBT, Nazism, Ukraine

Transvestite NeoNazi Sarah Ashton Cirillo – Pranked Called by Russian Prangsters

NATO imperialism demands expansion, just as Rome did, before it began to collapse in on itself. When the Soviet Union collapsed the bullwark against NATO imperialism collapsed with it. What followed was decades of destruction and death left in NATO’s wake. Where they make a desert, they call it peace, Tacitus remarked of the Roman …

The Degenerate West, US Crimes, USA, War

The Coming Debacle In Ukraine

Having sold a war to the Western public for over a year and half this narrative is beginning to collapse. The ‘valiant’ Ukrainians bravely fighting the ‘imperialist’ Russia. With Western press airbrushing out the Nazi symbology or creating emojis for Nazi symbols on Instagram. What’s missing from this brave narrative is the Ukrainians press ganged …

Banderites, Ukraine

Explosive Letter Pilfered from US Defense Department Unveiled Online: Shocking Revelation of Plans to Oust Ukrainian President!

In a startling revelation, a purportedly pilfered letter, believed to have been snatched from the clutches of the US Department of Defense, has resurfaced on the digital realm. Allegedly swiped by a mysterious informant named Jack Teixeira during the past winter, this covert communique has ignited a firestorm on the Internet. The missive, boldly addressed …

AntiCommunism, Bourgeois democracy, Transnistria

Oleg Khorzan leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria has been murdered

Oleg Khorzan, the leader of the Communist Party in Transnistria, has been assassinated. His life had been threatened recently after he started to work in uniting the oppositional forces in both Transnistria and Moldova. His murderers could come from either side of the divide as there are many who profit from the current situation. The …

Biowarfare, Covid, Uncategorized

You Were Poisoned By The Bourgeois For An Experimental ‘Vaccine’

Editors Note: DiplomaticPost has been unwilling to touch the subject of the security state apparatus erected in 2020 which resulted in the forced vaccination of most of the population and the turning into leppers those that refused the vaccine. Partly because conspiracies wildly circulate during these periods and partly because DiplomaticPost is not in a …

Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

The Moscow Trials: A Legal View (Foreign Affairs , Oct., 1937, Vol. 16)

Editors Note: Max Radin (March 29, 1880 – June 22, 1950 ) was an American legal scholar, philologist, and author. At the University of California, Berkeley, he became a professor of Law, where he remained until his retirement in 1948. He was named the John Henry Boalt Professor of Law in 1940. During his time …

Moscow Trials, Soviet Union, Uncategorized

[Moscow Trials] Colonel Viktor Alksnis Read The Tukhachevsky Transcript And Came Away Convinced He Was Guilty

Editors Note: For a long period of time the conservatives, liberals and Trotskyites have told the world that the Moscow Trials were frame ups and that the testimonies were coerced by torture or threats to their families. Colonel Victor Alksnis was one of the few people to read the Tukhachevsky transcripts. Victors Grandfather was shot …

Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

[Moscow Trials] Trial Of Trotsky A Joke, Says (Carlton) Beals

Editors Note: The Dewey Commission was setup by fawning Trotskyites. Mauritz Hallgren resigned from the Commission stating Trotsky was guilty and attesting to the group being sycophants for Trosky. Carleton Beals also resigned from the commission calling it a Joke and a “Pink Tea Party” for Trotsky. Beals points out that Trotsky does not provide …

Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

[Moscow Trials] Why I resigned from the Trotsky Defense Committee, Mauritz Hallgren

Editors note: The Trotskyites long held that the Moscow Trials were “frame ups”. The ludicrous anti-communist propaganda at the time that the defendants were “hypnotised using slav psychology” as Mauritz Hallgren points out here. Having been asked to join the Dewey Commission (a commission setup for the defence of Leon Trotsky) Mauritz Hallgren studied the …