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AntiCommunism, Operation Gladio

The CIA created European Union Is Now Demanding Their Citizens Live Like Cave Dwellers To “Show Putin”

We’re witnessing the complete dominance of the Cosmopolitan Bourgeois Dictatorship by the neocons in the USA and the fifth columnists in the European Union The Atlanticist fifth columnists in the European Union have completely collapsed Europe. The EU always was a CIA project. This CIA created fascist beast has now paid dividends as Germany is …

AntiCommunism, Fascism, Imperialism, VoltaireNet

The World Anti-Communist League: the Internationale of Crime

by Thierry Meyssan, reproduced from VoltaireNet The Fourth Congress of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) At the end of the Second World War, US secret service agents use Nazi, fascist and Ustashi agents to create an anti-communist network: the Stay-behind [1]. While agents recruited in the States of the future Atlantic Alliance had to remain secret, …