The Scientific Killers Vol I: Liberal Death Cult and The Blue Whale… Canada’s Euthanasia Program Extends To The Poor And Disabled

Liberalism: A Litany of Lies

Scratch a liberal and you’ll find a Nazi, is a quite popular saying. Liberalism afterall gave birth to the twins; the enlightenment and racial chattel slavery. The Hitlerites only enacted in Eastern Europe what Americans had done to the natives and blacks. What the English did to China and India and what Belgium did to the Congo. A famous picture of a Congolese man staring at the severed hands and feet of his child for not meeting his rubber quota should be a reminder of the true face of liberalism.

“Hence slavery in its most radical form triumphed in the golden age of liberalism and at the heart of the liberal world. This was acknowledged by James Madison, slave-owner and liberal (like numerous protagonists of the American Revolution), who observed that ‘the most oppressive dominion ever exercised by man over man’—power based on ‘mere distinction of colour’—was imposed ‘in the most enlightened period of time’. Correctly stated, in all its radicalism, the paradox we face consists in this: the rise of liberalism and the spread of racial chattel slavery are the product of a twin birth which, as we shall see, has rather unique characteristics.”1

A constant theme of liberals is to insist they stand for freedom. They’ve been doing this so long that Benjamin Franklin was interrupted with

You Americans make a great clamour upon every little imaginary infringement of what you take to be your Liberties; and yet there are no People upon Earth such Enemies of Liberty, such absolute tyrants, where you have the Opportunity, as you see yourselves.2

An American loyalist, Jonathan Boucher, echoed this sentiment

“the most clamourous advocates for liberty were uniformly the harshest and worst masters of slaves.”3

Liberalism’s use of Fascism to stabilise itself has a long history. Winston Churchill wanted to re-arm the Werhhmacht and invade the Soviet Union before World War 2 was over. The Japanese Fascists were essentially never punished. The holocaust against the Chinese forgotten. The criminals of the notorious Dr Mengele-Fascist-Eugenicists in Unit 731 handing over their data to the Americans and getting off scott free.

Ukrainian Fascists* were ratlined into Anglo nations. NATO now white washes Fascist groups like the Forest Brothers.

So we see how the filthy and dishonest Liberals act. How do they act today?

Can we still scratch a Liberal to find a Nazi?

When the truckers came out to protest against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a handsome chisseled jawed man who loves LGBT rights, he labelled them Fascist.

Yet not only would Liberalism’s poster boy, Justin Trudeau, oversee a monstrous eugenics campaign where Canada engaged in State murder against her most vulnerable people: the poor and disabled, he would wind up in a few short years clapping like a seal for Yaroslav Hunka in Canadian parliament. A Ukrainian SS officer.

Canada’s Medically Assistance in Dying program (MAID) began killing people under Trudeau. Individualism, taken to it’s logical conclusion will produce a Nazi eugenics program.

An Advert To Celebrate Canada’s ‘MAID’ Program: By A Woman Who Didn’t Want To Die And The Blue Whale

Canada stuns the world with an advert for it’s MAID program.

The advert* follows a woman in breathy tones and vivid colours.

“Last Breaths are sacred. When I imagine my final fays I see bubbles. I see the ocean. I see music. Even now as I seek help to end my life. There is still so much beauty. You just have to be brave enough to see it.”

Except she never wanted to die. She wanted appropriate health care. Failing that she opted for Canadian state administered death.

The woman featured in a glamourous pro-euthanasia commercial for a Canadian clothing retailer only opted for assisted suicide after her years-long attempts to secure proper health care failed, friends have revealed.

Jennyfer Hatch, 37, was the central figure of All Is Beauty, a three-minute film produced by Simons that celebrated Hatch’s last days before seeking medically assisted death.

Last week, CTV confirmed that Hatch was the same woman who had spoken to them in June about her failed attempts to find proper treatment for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare and painful condition in which patients suffer from excessively fragile skin and connective tissues.

“I feel like I’m falling through the cracks so if I’m not able to access health care am I then able to access death care?’ And that’s what led me to look into MAID,” Hatch told CTV in June under a pseudonym.4

Living with a disability sure has to be awful in it’s own experience. But life is a constant struggle against death. The Liberal-Nazis like Trudeau who have sunk to such a disgusting low as to implement a eugenics program as wide as this shows their inherent contempt for human life and their Fascist trend to social-darwinism.

This contempt for human life is palpable toward the bottom of that article!

Most recently, former paralympian Christine Gauthier went public with her story of being offered MAID by a Veterans Affairs caseworker after she complained about delays in installing an in-home chairlift.

“Madam, if you are really so desperate, we can give you medical assistance in dying now,” the caseworker told Gauthier, according to an interview she gave with Global News.5

A brief analysis into the advert shows far more sinister tones. Two seconds into the advert a Blue Whale appears.

It’s held their under second 4 of the advert. Reappearing at 11 seconds and again at 21 seconds. The advert ends with the caption “All is Beauty”.

In 2019 a phenomena online occurred called the Blue Whale: A “suicide game” aimed at teenagers. The “Blue Whale Challenge” worked thusly; every day for fifty days you are given a task to do.

The first set of tasks are innocuous enough. “Wake up in the middle of the night”.

Each task became more sinister.

“Stand on a tower block ledge”.

“Cut a Blue Whale into your arm”.

On day fifty the user is told to kill themselves.

A still from the advert featuring the Blue Whale. Truly sadistic

There has been much speculation about how whales became linked to suicide in these groups. Some journalists claim it is because whales have been known to beach themselves, a phenomenon that has puzzled scientists. Others say that it is a reference to lyrics from a Russian rock band named Lumen.

It’s difficult, of course, to say why certain images particularly resonate. Whales are solitary-seeming, sad-looking animals. They make for good memes. One of the most widely shared images was of a whale flying over a city at night. It captured the spirit of these groups – melancholy and quietly surreal.

But it wasn’t until May 2016 that speculation about blue whales and suicide became part of the national conversation in Russia.6

A Blue Whale featuring prominently in this advert from the retail giant Simons is unlikely to be an accident. More like an inside joke of a degenerate Liberal, enjoying their nihilism.

Canada Emerge’s As Haven For ‘Progressivism’ Whilst At The Same Time As Euthanising The Poor And Disabled

The people killed under this program speak for themselves, their desperation palpable. None of them wanted to die. Most were coerced into killing themselves by Liberals like Justin Trudeau. Here are some of their names, may they rest in peace.


“The government sees me as expendable trash, a complainer, useless and a pain in the a**,” ‘Sophia’ said in a video filmed on Feb. 14, eight days before her death, and shared with CTV News by one of her friends.

She died after a frantic effort by friends, supporters and even her doctors to get her safe and affordable housing in Toronto. She also left behind letters showing a desperate two-year search for help, in which she begs local, provincial and federal officials for assistance in finding a home away from the smoke and chemicals wafting through her apartment.7

Sophia begged for help for years making phone calls, letters and emails everywhere asking for healthy housing.

“It’s not that she didn’t want to live,” Peris said from her home in Saint Sauveur, Que. “She couldn’t live that way.”8


Sathya Dhara Kovac, 44, chose to die this week, even though she didn’t want to go just yet.

The Winnipeg woman’s death was facilitated by professionals through Manitoba’s medical assistance in dying program. 

Kovac lived with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a degenerative disease that took her mother, grandmother and uncle. Her condition was worsening, but she felt she had more life to live — just not enough home care support to do so.

“Ultimately it was not a genetic disease that took me out, it was a system,” Kovac wrote in an obituary to loved ones.

“There is desperate need for change. That is the sickness that causes so much suffering. Vulnerable people need help to survive. I could have had more time if I had more help.”9

Jacques, who chose to die because homecare services were changed and instead was offered MAID

Like everyone, he’s been through ups and downs. But through homecare services, he says, he’s lived a rich and happy life.

“It allowed me to go back to school, get degrees, to work. Everything I’ve done, travelling, it’s because I’m able to not have to worry about that,” he told CTV News.

Things changed over the summer, however, when his local health service centre (CLSC) underwent some changes.

As a result, aspects of Comeau’s care routine are different and he said it has affected his quality of life.

“I’m stressed beyond belief, I’m not sleeping well, I’m not eating regularly,” he said. “The amount of pain I’m dealing with, psychologically, is the kind I’ve never dealt with. I became disabled as a young person and got through that. And this is 10 times worse.”

Comeau says his efforts to negotiate a solution with the CLSC have been fruitless. Depressed and desperate, there’s only one path forward he can think of.

“I wake up in the morning, and my first thought is, ‘how am I going to make sure I’m not going to kill myself today.'”10


Les made good money as a trucker up to 80-85k. He developed hernia then suddenly needed surgery. His blood pressure went haywire, he developed epilepsy, three mini strokes and “things just fell apart”. Worried about homelessness with the loss of income and rising rents Les was making plans to end his life before that happens.

“I am not against MAiD. What I am against is the expansion of MAiD without the improvement of benefits or quality of life. I mean, it’s lopsided,” he says.

“How do you target a segment of society with basically death as their only option to get out of their situation? And you don’t do anything by helping them out of that situation. I mean, how do you explain that?”11

Discussing another person with disabilities

“Dr. Naheed Dosani says that kind of poverty and stress is making people sicker, and driving a lot of Canadians with disabilities to consider ending their lives.”12

Elsewhere in the article Canadian veteran recalls how he was recovering from a brain injury at a clinic and felt “he was on the upswing”.

The person who was supposed to be helping him get better at Veterans Affair offered him a Medially Assisted Death. The person on the phone brought it up multiple times even after he stated that “he didn’t consider that an option”. Describing the call to Global News he said he felt “pressured” and was disgusted by the call. He stated his alarm at the persistence of the agent.


There is, however, one government-funded service available to some people living with disabilities: medical assistance in dying (MAID). Last year, the Canadian government voted to expand MAID laws to include people suffering with illness whose death is not imminent, like Madeline. This has put her in a quandary: She has government funding to die in comfort, but not enough to live at the same standard.

And so, when she runs out of money, which she expects will happen this summer, Madeline has the option to die.13


31-year-old Toronto woman who uses a wheelchair is nearing final approval for a medically assisted death request after a fruitless bid to secure an affordable apartment that doesn’t worsen her chronic illnesses.

The looming approval for death surprisingly, makes her grateful. “Relieved and elated,” Denise said in an interview with CTV News. “I was scared that they weren’t going to say ‘yes’,” she said.14

Unable to secure affordable housing this woman has opted for death. This is the depravity of Canada in the 21st Century. The individual ‘rights’ so solemn that a man wearing overly sexualised prosthetic breasts can teach to children and on the other side coercion into being killed by the State because affordable housing is a myth.


He was one of thousands of Canadians who avail themselves every year of what’s known as MAID, or medical assistance in dying. He requested MAID, was approved for it, and on the afternoon of July 2 his doctor came to his Toronto apartment and injected a cocktail of lethal drugs. His wife and friends were at his side to see him out of this life.

Fraser’s situation was terribly sad: he was sick, poor and lonely. He hadn’t been outside for five weeks because he couldn’t navigate stairs and there was no elevator in his building. He had decided that life was no longer worth living.

But it’s important to know that Fraser wasn’t terminally ill, or close to a natural death as far as anyone could tell. His physician, Dr. Navindra Persaud, acknowledges he was “conflicted” about taking part in Fraser’s death. Sometimes, he told the Star, “poverty is pushing people to MAID … For sure, I think the fact that he had trouble paying his rent made it harder for him to be in this world.”15


“[MAiD] is exclusively a financial consideration,” she told CTV News Toronto.

After 26 months of lost income since the onset of symptoms, no foreseeable ability to work and an absence of support, Thompson said she expects to run out of money in about five months.

“My choices are basically to die slowly and painfully, or quickly. Those are the options that are left,” she said.16


Ashcraft has looked into getting surgery in the U.S. and has been trying to fundraise(opens in a new tab), but said the cost is about $100,000. 

She would like health-care in B.C. to cover the surgery costs since she has been unable to get it here.

But with nowhere to turn and little hope, a struggling Ashcraft has been contemplating MAiD.17

Is it any wonder that Tim Stainton, director of the Canadian Institute for Inclusion and Citizenship at the University of British Columbia, described Canada’s law as “probably the biggest existential threat to disabled people since the Nazis’ program in Germany in the 1930s.”?18

All presided over by the smiling face and chiselled jaw of Liberalism. The World Economic Forums puppet, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party.

So whilst Canada emerges, paradoxically, as the most “liberal-progressive” place on earth, how is it’s euthanasia program being pushed and pressured against societies most vulnerable people that looks almost exactly as the Nazi’s program in the 1930s?

As Domenico Losurdo was to note that Liberalism during the Enlightenment reached it’s apex in racial chattel slavery. Not only was the twin birth of Liberalism and racial slavery but slavery reached it’s apex at the apex of the Liberal enlightenment.19

There indeed has been a renaissance of Liberalism, best captured in Canada and expressed in Justin Trudeau’s government.

ie. (new or neo)Liberalism that has enshrined the rights of the individual to such an apex that it is crossing new taboos. The twin-birth of this new Liberalism expresses itself in the cult of the individual taken to a new height and it’s love affair with Nazism.

Example: The ability for the State to kill the disabled who are coerced into death due to lopsided economics and no access to the healthcare they need, the sexual ‘identities’ that allow a teacher to come to work in overly sexualised prosthetics, enshrine the individual’s (children) ‘right’ to receive double mastectomies and castration as well as hormonal drugs shot into them, the right of the State to interfere in a childs life* in enabling a social-contagion1 behind the backs of the parents whilst at the same time rehabiliating international White supremacism and NeoNazi ideology.

These Nazi’s are at the height of the Trudeau government.

This is enough to declare that Capitalism appeals only to the utterly lowest common denominators and the assurance of it’s inevitable destruction. These are fake Cosmopolitan identities built up for purposes of Imperialism. Where people are taught what sexual acts they perform form the sole of their “identity”.

*“When a student in a Calgary Grade 6 class came out as transgender this year, the teacher made one thing clear to the other pupils: they mustn’t let slip their classmate’s new gender identity to her parents. The couple was not yet aware of the change.”, National Post, Some parents object as Canadian schools quietly aid students’ gender transition, Jan 05, 2023

1“Even the discourses are strikingly similar. Compare the catchphrases: ‘If you think you

might be trans, you probably are,’ and ‘No one else can tell you your gender identity,’ with

these quotations from The Courage to Heal , a self-help book about recovered-memory

syndrome published in 1988: ‘If you think you were abused and your life shows the

symptoms, then you were,’ and ‘The patient sometimes knows more about the disorder

than the therapist.’

The idea that a child could suffer horrific assaults, immediately bury the memories deep

in their psyche, remember nothing of what had just happened and grow up to be deeply

psychologically damaged by this dissociation is now a commonplace of popular culture,

despite the total lack of evidence that such a thing can happen. It – like the idea that a

child can have a ‘true self’ of the opposite sex to their body – would seem absurd in nearly

every place and time. Such conditions are known as ‘culture-bound syndromes’. Those

documented by anthropologists include pa-leng , an obsessive fear of becoming too cold

found in some parts of Asia, and koro , a Malay word for a man’s belief that his genitals

are shrinking and vanishing. Naturally, such syndromes are easier to spot when the

culture is not yours. Our hyper-connected world makes it easier than ever for culture-bound syndromes to

break their bounds. In his excellent book, Crazy Like Us: The Globalisation of the

American Psyche , journalist Ethan Watters argues that this is particularly likely to happen

with American culture-bound syndromes, because of the country’s cultural dominance.

One of his case studies is the arrival of Western-style anorexia in Hong Kong.

The few self-starving young women seen by doctors in the city state before the

mid-1990s did not have distorted body images or a pathological fear of being fat, but

spoke instead of a feeling of bloating, a blockage in the throat, or simply a total lack of

appetite. Then, in 1994, a teenage girl who had stopped eating some months earlier

collapsed and died on a busy street. Journalists seeking to explain the unprecedented

event turned to international sources – and unintentionally presented to Hong Kong’s

teenage girls a possibility hitherto undreamt of: that distress and self-hatred could be

expressed by self-starvation. Sing Lee, a doctor who had been perhaps Hong Kong’s sole

specialist in self-starvation, went from seeing two or three cases a year to two or threecases a week.

Today’s trans-identified female teenagers are the last piece in the puzzle of cross-sex

identities: why they develop and in whom. The role played by fashion in social contagions

suggests that their numbers will not rise forever, and indeed may soon start to fall –

especially if lawsuits start coming, as they did with recovered-memory syndrome and

multiple-personality disorder. But already this new psychogenic illness has broken the

bounds of American culture, and gone global.” Helen Joyce, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, Chapter 5 (quoted in ebook)

1Domenico Losurdo, Liberalism: A Counter-History, p37

2Ibid, p10

3Ibid p11

*The outbreak of the Ukraine war makes this chapter particularly pertinent and the Ukrainian Fascists will be the main focal point because of recent developments and the drive to World War 3

*Another dead YouTube link. By searching the web I was able to eventually find it and upload it to

4National Post, Woman featured in pro-euthanasia commercial wanted to live, say friends, Dec 05, 2022


6BBC, Blue Whale: What is the truth behind an online ‘suicide challenge’?, 13 January 2019

Reactionary in fact: Marx described reactionaries as attempting to turn back the wheel of history. What could be more reactionary than spreading paedophile propaganda whilst euthanising poor and disabled people?

7CTV News, Woman with chemical sensitivities chose medically-assisted death after failed bid to get better housing, Aug. 24, 2022


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19“To render it explicable, the paradox must first be expounded in all its radicalism. Slavery is not something

that persisted despite the success of the three liberal revolutions. On the contrary, it experienced its

maximum development following that success: ‘The total slave population in the Americas reached around

330,000 in 1700, nearly three million by 1800, and finally peaked at over six million in the 1850s’. 1

Contributing decisively to the rise of an institution synonymous with the absolute power of man over man

was the liberal world.” Domenico Losurdo, Liberalism: A Counter-History, p35

This is enough to declare that Capitalism appeals only to the utterly lowest common denominators and the assurance of it’s inevitable destruction. These are fake Cosmopolitan identities built up for purposes of Imperialism. Where people are taught what sexual acts they perform form the sole of their “identity”.

*“When a student in a Calgary Grade 6 class came out as transgender this year, the teacher made one thing clear to the other pupils: they mustn’t let slip their classmate’s new gender identity to her parents. The couple was not yet aware of the change.”, National Post, Some parents object as Canadian schools quietly aid students’ gender transition, Jan 05, 2023

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