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The Moscow Trials: Colonel Viktor Alksnis Read The Tukhachevsky Transcript And Came Away Convinced He Was Guilty

Editors Note: For a long period of time the conservatives, liberals and Trotskyites have told the world that the Moscow Trials were frame ups and that the testimonies were coerced by torture or threats to their families. Colonel Victor Alksnis was one of the few people to read the Tukhachevsky transcripts. Victors Grandfather was shot …

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A Sharp Turn Back (Kruschev and the 20th Congress)

By Zhukov Yu.N. Editors Note: this is a translation of an article in Russian located at this article by U N Zhukov he analyses the true meaning behind the 20th Party Congress. Until now, we have seen at the XX Congress, first of all, if not exclusively, only a closed report by Khrushchev. They …

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The Moscow Trials: Elementy 2003 “LAST COLONEL OF THE EMPIRE”

Editors Note: This is a translation from Russian of an interview originally published at “Elements” No. 3, M., 2000 “LAST COLONEL OF THE EMPIRE” Interview of “Elements” with the USSR People’s Deputy Viktor Alksnis. “Elements”. Viktor Imantovich, your enemies have christened you “black colonel”. They put a negative meaning into this expression, but it …