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Richie Brown Show with Michelle Stirling


A tour de force by Michelle Stirling. Michelle shows her knowledge in understanding how the climate movement evolved out of eugenicists and Malthusians. From the early 20th century eugenicists who spread their fake science to Germany under the moustache man. “Limits to Growth” and the “Population bomb” then moving onto Co2. The same foundations: Carnegie Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Sierra Club, WFF have been behind this.

In this episode of the RichieBrown Show we’re joined with Michelle Stirling of

FriendsOfScience is an incredible website with a wealth of material and knowledge and collated scientific papers.

Consider spending some time on and if possible donating for their excellent work!

Show notes in previous post with articles and book references:

Show Notes for Ep 002: Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science

Articles Mentioned
William Walter Kay – Margaret Thatcher and the Rise of the Climate Ruse
Richie Brown – Fascism Comes In Green As Well As Brown
Jonathan D Oldfield – Imagining climates past, present and future: Soviet contributions to the science of anthropogenic climate change, 1953–1991 (Soviet Scientists, when battling with the IPCC insisted humanity would benefit from the co2 fertiliser effect)
Mark Schapiro – Conning the Climate:Inside the Carbon-trading shell game
Victory Plan by Ezra Silk
Deutsche Bank – What we Must Do To Rebuild (German bank advocating a war time economy and eco-dictatorship)
Exponential roadmap (issued in 2019 – a lot of things recommended here happened in L0ckdown)
Deadline 2020 (Written in 2016, advocating a 2.9 ton carbon footprint per person by 2030 and 0 carbon footprint by 2050)
Roger Pielke – Distorting The View Of Our Climate Future: The Misuse and abuse of climate pathways and scenarios (Why RCP 8.5 was never feasible. RCP 8.5 triggered the social phenomena of the middle class sh’tLibs ) – There Is No Climate Emergency

Books Mentioned/Further Reading
Matthew Sinclair – Let them Eat Carbon: The Price Of Failing Climate Change Policies, and How Governments and Big Business Profit From Them
Micahel Burleigh – Death and Deliverance (early 20th century Eugenics movement that simply took “useless eaters” away from families )
Edwin Black – War Against the Weak (How the same American eugenicists exported fake race science to Nazi Germany would jump onboard the environmental movement, first insisting on “limits” then on co2 as a “pollutant” )
Dennis Meadows – Limits to Growth (Sponsored by Club of Rome, used computer models to predict the collapse of society)
Paul Erhlich – The Population Bomb ( An attempt to psyop people into thinking babies were associated with violence, ‘bomb’s. Erhlich demanded forced sterilisation)
Rene A Wormser – Foundations: Their Power and Influence (A Supreme court justice quoted in this book called the Rockefeller Foundation a “State within the State”)
Jacob Nordangard – Rockefellers: Controlling the Game (An incredibly detailed account of how these Foundations formed the eugenics and environmental movements)
Peter f Drucker – Unseen revolution: How Pension Fund Socialism Came to America
Adam – Harmes – Unseen Power
Duff Macdonald – The Firm
Walt Bogdanich (Author), Michael Forsythe – When McKinsey Comes to Town: The Hidden Influence of the World’s Most Powerful Consulting Firm

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