Interview With Aiden Aslin: Russians Capture A British Degenerate Who Joined The Azov Battallion

The interview with Aiden Aslin is interesting.

The Times featured a photo of him in his Azov Battallion t shirt and “former care worker”.

The truth is he likely came to Ukraine where everything is permissible: torture, rape and death. Attracted to it in a macabre sense draped in his neofascist tendencies.

The Russians have chosen to use this untermensch Nazi rat to squeeze any use out of him. A trade for Medvedchuk seems unlikely at the moment.

At one point he is asked by Graham if he is aware that the Donetsk have a law on foreign mercenaries in the Donetsk and the penalty is death. He’s then asked if there should be any reason that law should not apply to him.

He responds “I don’t have a good reason”.

Well then, the Donetsk people should have their justice.

As an aside why do neonazis always look like the untermensch in original nazi propaganda?

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