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Fascism, Ukraine

Interview With Aiden Aslin: Russians Capture A British Degenerate Who Joined The Azov Battallion

The interview with Aiden Aslin is interesting. The Times featured a photo of him in his Azov Battallion t shirt and “former care worker”. The truth is he likely came to Ukraine where everything is permissible: torture, rape and death. Attracted to it in a macabre sense draped in his neofascist tendencies. The Russians have …

Nazism, Ukraine

Ukrainian Banderite Massacre’s and Sadism During World War 2

For those familiar with the spectacular documentary currently Einzatzgruppen, wherever the German Nazis went in world war 2 it was not German soldiers that committed the massacres, pogroms and general sadism against the local population. The German soldiers instead turned to the depraved lumpe Proletariat: the gangs, the nationalists and fascists. Even the German soldiers …