Transvestite Has Likely Gotten Gonzalo Lira Killed Or Captured

Editorial: Gonzalo Lira has surfaced as alive but captured by the SBU (Ukrainian secret police). He has appeared on the Duran alive but mentally shaken.

A trans embedded with the Banderite Ukrainian army that has open nazi battalions has likely tipped off the Ukrainian nazis/gangs and violent militias that has likely gotten Gonzalo Lira killed.

At this point it should be noted that any information about Gonzalo Lira is speculation.

However the information we do have is disturbing to say the least. Here is members of the Azov battalion boasting that they have captured him.

Gonzalo Lira is a youtuber who would feature on The Duran occasionally. Well spoken and a fount of information Gonzalo Lira has long been a critic of the Ukrainian government. He found himself quickly trapped in Kharkov and unable to leave. He voiced his concerns frequently that he hoped not to be captured by many of the fascist gangs.

The person who turned him in is a transvestite embedded with the Ukrainian armed forces. The Ukrainian army is the only country in the world with an open nazi battalion.

LGBT+ Imperialism

The ongoing effort by the Americans to universalise sexuality and insist that sexuality is a universal category. The pointing out how LGBT is directly related to imperialism may irk some and earn me the medal of “transphobia”. Those people have not understood what I’m saying. I’m insisting that Westernised sexuality is not universal. That it only arose in imperialist societies predicated on mass consumer culture and parasitic relations in economic production.

that “sexuality” is experienced differently in different historical or geographical contexts, and that it has distinct “cultural” interpretations that shape it. Rather, what I insist on is that “sexuality” itself, as an epistemological and ontological category, is a product of specific Euro-American histories and social formations, that it is a Euro-American “cultural” category that is not universal or necessarily universalizable.

Joseph Mossad, Empire of Sexuality

The rise of “gay identities” arose out of migratory labour patterns, the dissolution and weakening of familial ties, the development of consumer society, the emergence of social networks and the kind of nihilism and malthusianism that exists everywhere today that enables the middle class academics and pro paedophile scum to push their agenda onto children.

LGBT In Hitler’s SA

Ernst Rohm and Hitlers SA (Storm Units) considered themselves the spear tip of the Nazi revolution.

The fact Rohm was a homosexual did not raise any eyebrows.

The fact his deputy in the SA, Edmund Heins, was also a homosexual did not raise eyebrows either.

Hitler knew of Ernst Rohms homosexuality and was one of the few intimates to Hitler to use the informal “du” when addressing Adolf Hitler in German (as opposed to the formal you).1

Rohm was also the only Nazi leader to address Hitler by his first name, Adolf. 2

In fact their close relationship led to speculation of a homosexual affair between Hitler and Ernst Rohm. 3

There will be many on the “left” that will somehow be shocked at such open collusion of imperialism, Nazism/Fascism and Trandsgender ideology but this connection has been there from the beginning.

It was there in Fascism. It can be easily seen in imperialism in how Mi6 and CIA light up their headquarters in rainbow colours.

The fact a transvestite handed over Gonzalo Lira to whichever fascist faction in Ukraine should remind us between the link of LGBT ideology and imperialism.

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