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Banderites, LGBT, Nazism, Ukraine

Transvestite NeoNazi Sarah Ashton Cirillo – Pranked Called by Russian Prangsters

NATO imperialism demands expansion, just as Rome did, before it began to collapse in on itself. When the Soviet Union collapsed the bullwark against NATO imperialism collapsed with it. What followed was decades of destruction and death left in NATO’s wake. Where they make a desert, they call it peace, Tacitus remarked of the Roman …

Fascism, Ukraine

Interview With Aiden Aslin: Russians Capture A British Degenerate Who Joined The Azov Battallion

The interview with Aiden Aslin is interesting. The Times featured a photo of him in his Azov Battallion t shirt and “former care worker”. The truth is he likely came to Ukraine where everything is permissible: torture, rape and death. Attracted to it in a macabre sense draped in his neofascist tendencies. The Russians have …

Nazism, Ukraine

Ukrainian Banderite Massacre’s and Sadism During World War 2

For those familiar with the spectacular documentary currently Einzatzgruppen, wherever the German Nazis went in world war 2 it was not German soldiers that committed the massacres, pogroms and general sadism against the local population. The German soldiers instead turned to the depraved lumpe Proletariat: the gangs, the nationalists and fascists. Even the German soldiers …