NATO Are Pushing Poland Into A Conflict With Russia

In 2014 NATO started a war against Russia using Ukraine as a proxy. This was achieved by the Maiden Coup which overthrew the Ukrainian government. Richard Sakwas brilliant Frontline Ukraine goes through the myriad of devious tactics and subversive warfare utilised by the US government and their satrap nazis on the frontlines.

As the war quietened down on the frontlines it could’ve been solved with the Minsk then Minsk 2 agreements. The Donbass and Lughansk would’ve remained inside Ukraine. The regions would’ve had limited regional autonomy allowing them to use the Russian language.

But Nato was planing a “De-communisation” for Ukraine. What this means in practice is destroying Soviet monuments and history, forcing the Ukrainian language on ethnic Russians and ethnic cleansing of ethnic Russians and the celebration of the Banderites who collaborated with the Nazis in the holocaust.

The “de-communisation” offered is the litany of Nazi resurgence that can be seen in the Baltic nations which does so much work to display. The Officers of the SS receiving marches and the Soviet heros that destroyed fascism having their history destroyed and replaced with an American, pro-fascist historiography.

Poland As Europe’s Next Super Power

Ukraine was effectively the largest NATO army in Europe following the Maidan coup and the installing of Banderites in power by the Neocons in the United States. The Ukrainian army has now been destroyed – despite it being filled to the brim with NATO mercenaries in Ukrainian uniform.

With the destruction of Nordstream 2 Germany is busy de-industrialising. German’s so slavish to the United States they smile and ask “would you like your knife back?” after the USA has slit the throat of German industry.

For Poland this is an opportunity to modernise their army

If everything goes according to plan, Europe will soon have a new military superpower: Poland.

The leaders of the country’s ruling party Law & Justice (PiS) have recently announced that the country is set to have the strongest army in Europe within the next two years, thanks to the major modernisation of its existing equipment and a massive reinforcement of its troops.

The NATO pigs have promised Poland the payoff will be massive with articles like Poland will be wealthier than Britain by 2030 – it’s time we took notice appearing in the Telegraph.

But this comes at a price. It means NATO arming Poland to the teeth against Russia and sending it’s people to their deaths. There is a famous saying that once every century the weight of the world falls on the shoulders of Russian soldiers. The Polish masses have understood this which is why they’re coming out to protest against NATO. They realise NATO is trying to stick them into fatigues to go fight the Russians after the last Ukrainian is dead.

The Russian’s buried the Swedish, Napolean and then the Hitlerites. The very concept of Poland sending it’s young to die for the neocons in London and Washington tastes like bile in the back of my throat. But it’ll be Poland, not me, that chokes after they bite off more than they can chew.

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