Russia Has Defeated NATO in Ukraine

With the resignation of Victoria “Cookie Monster” Nuland the project Ukraine, to turn it into a pliant vassal state of the West into a knife to gut Russia has failed. We will now witness the death agony of a vassal state filled with NATO mercenaries. Zelensky himself is surrounded by British SAS to ensure he’s not killed by his own people rather than any Russian threat – that was happy to keep an unlikable character like Zelensky at the helm.

NATO was able to treat Ukraine like a washing-machine to launder it’s money after they lost their forever war in Afghanistan. As money rolled through the corrupt militaries of NATO and straight into the pockets of Senators and MPs and promises of golden parachutes with military contractors.

Nuland is a Straussian. A leading disciple of Leo strauss along with the rest of the Kaganites.

This war on Russia did not start in 2022 and it did not even start in 2014 when NATO overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine. It has been a war a century in the making. Stepan Bandera, a holocaust collaborator and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of jews, Poles and Russians in World War 2, was snapped up by Mi6 and the CIA in the post war period.

First he collaborated with the Hitlerites but the Hitlerites had no use for Stepan Bandera or Ukrainians at all. They already had their General Plan Ost planned out: the ethnic cleansing of Ukraine to make way for German colonisers. Members of the OUN-B (Ukrainian Nationalists – Bandera) pulled the triggers at Babi Yar and Sobibor and pulled the gas chambers at Treblinka.

Canadian-Ukrainian Banderite, Chrystia freeland holding a banner of the OUN-B in a hastily deleted tweet.

Western Historians Falsified History for The Banderites

The apologetic and eulogizing narrative about Bandera and his “liberation movement” was created not only by nationalist fanatics, Bandera’s hard admirers and far-right activists, but also by a number of scholars who worked at universities in Canada, Germany, France, and the United States. Some of these scholars, such as Taras Hunchak, Petro Potichnyi, and Volodymyr Kosyk were veterans of the OUN or UPA. John Armstrong, the first professional historian who investigated the Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War, was not entirely uncritical about his object of study but, for various reasons, he did not include in his research the pogroms in 1941, the ethnic cleansing in 1943–1944, the murder of Jews by the UPA, and several other matters that need to be considered when writing the history of Ukrainian nationalism during the Second World War.

Stepan Bandera The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist, p498


Shortly after Bandera’s assassination, the same Ukrainian Soviet writer wrote the pamphlet At Foreign Thresholds, in which he rewrote the story of Bandera’s life, including the complicated collaboration with the Germans and the Western bloc, and compared him to a dog.

ibid p358

A Soviet Cartoon Is a Mirror of Today

After the pathetic Bandera was thrown in prison by the Nazi’s, despite collaborating with them, he then ran into the arms of mi6 and the CIA. This Soviet cartoon from the post-war period shows the sorry State of the Ukrainian Nationalists who collaborated with the Nazis then ran into the arms of mi6 and the CIA. It could easily have been made today.

It depicts the Ukrainian nationalists in unusual roles among western politicians and thereby explains what the Ukrainian nationalist leaders were doing outside Ukraine. Bandera, portrayed as the widow of the late economic and political system, is located at the very center of the cartoon. He has large breasts, wears a mourning dress and a veil. His sorrow is represented by the huge tears that he wipes away with a white handkerchief. He is accompanied on his left by British Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin, who says, “Don’t pester me, Mr. Bandera. I can barely stay on my feet. Try to get support from Marshall.” He walks immediately behind the hearse, on which two crows are perched. “There seems to be no corpse, but even so it reeks of carrion,” one says to the other. George C. Marshall, the American military leader for whom the economic plan for rebuilding Europe was named, is walking directly behind the widow and holding Bandera’s right hand. Bandera looks so sad and stunned that he obviously needs this help. Marshall’s eyes are closed; his head tilted up as if he were trying not to see what is going on and to stay calm. A woman and two men in mourning dress march behind Marshall. The woman is Lady Astor, the first woman to take up her seat in House of Commons, an anti-semite and known for her sympathetic views of Nazism. One of the men next to Lady Astor might be Labourite, Clement Attlee, British prime minister from 1945 to 1951. A funeral band—a conductor, two men with tubas, and one with a drum—marches behind Lady Astor and the two gentlemen. The conductor is labeled as “Kherst” and is William Randolph Hearst, owner of a chain of American anticommunist newspapers who had sympathized with National Socialism and Italian Fascism in the 1930s and had also run anti-communist pro Ukrainian fascist propaganda that turned out to be fake. Particularly over the famine in Ukraine where the Hearst Press made up rumours from wholecloth. (See Douglas Tottle, Fraud, Famine and Fascism in which he exposes this).

Four ducks sit in the tubas. Two of them hold a poster with the inscription “Hearst—McCormick and Co.,” which refers to another anticommunist newspaper chain, owned by Robert R. McCormick. The drummer is the pan-Turk politician Aydin Yalcin, another enemy of the Soviet Union. A long file of war veterans, who resemble bandits more than soldiers, marches behind the orchestra. One of them holds a ragged banner with the inscription “SS Galicia Division” and a swastika under it. Another carries a poster with the inscription, “Who Said That We Are Bandits? We Are Insurgents!” One of the veterans is holding a pistol and is about to shoot Yalcin, but another veteran tries to restrain him by saying, “This is our man.” Behind the Waffen-SS Galizien veterans march two dapper men. The sign they are carrying reads, “Ukrainian Canadian Committee.” Behind them march the DPs who have followed them to Canada. On the left of the cartoon, a cameraman is filming the procession while standing on a car. It is labeled “Hollywood.” The dollar sign on its hood emphasizes the commercial nature of this institution. Next to the car, Alex Birns, an American mobster and racketeer, looks at the veteran who is about to shoot Yalcin. “Frankly speaking, this fighter won’t bring in capital for our company,” Birns says. Like Hearst and KUK, he symbolizes the new continent and its capitalist nature. The long row of Waffen-SS Galizien veterans and other nationalists in the procession indicates their emigration to capitalist countries which were no less criminal than the Ukrainian nationalists themselves.

Operation Unthinkable

The origins of the Cold War go back to Operation Unthinkable. During World War 2 as the Soviets began to get the upper hand Churchill put a plan in front of the US president titled “Operation Unthinkable” to re-arm the Wehrmacht and invade the Soviet Union, then drop nuclear bombs on Soviet cities to impose “the will of the United States and British Empire” on the Soviet people.

Before World War 2 was even over they would take Reinhard Gehlen, the chief of the Gestapo, get him out of his Nazi uniform and get him back to work in the CIA recruiting fascists and nazi collaborators. Many of these people who had committed crimes against humanity were Ukrainian and would be protected by the full might of the CIA.

Operation Aerodynamic was setup to assist Ukrainian fascists who fled to London, Toronto and New York.

The enduring legacy is that Britain still has monuments to SS divisions like the Galician division, that committed the holocaust in Ukraine.

Protected By The CIA

In the late 1980s a number of Nazi hunters began to find Ukrainian nationalists that had committed war crimes for the Nazis. Their brazen protection by Western intelligence Agencies meant they lived in opulence and comfort.

“SUBJECT D” IS THE LABEL MOST RECENTLY used by the federal government to de­scribe a certain high-ranking Nazi collab­orator, an alleged war criminal whose co­operation with the Central Intelligence Agency allowed him to enter this country in 1949 and later become a U.S. citizen. Subject D’s history was supposed to remain hidden; indeed, he felt so secure that his telephone number is listed under his real name. Now, after nearly 40 years, his secret is out.

A Poem From Soviet Ukraine In 1945

A Snake from a Hiding Place

Do you recognise this dragon?
A bloody glutton crawls.
With the spider sign on his hiding place
Its name is Stepan Bandera.

Its name is Judas, Cain
This is the work of its snake hands:
The fire burning over our land,
The blood of innocent children spilled.

But the people were already up in armour.
The community spoke its verdict:
Crush the snake in its hiding place
And pull out the sting and teeth of the serpent.

—Semyon Gadyatsky

The Whores Of The West

Like the Soviet cartoon above the modern pro-NATO Ukrainians that conducted this war for the benefit of the West will likely find themselves hanging from lampposts by their own citizens once they realise the extent to which they have been duped by the West. The Ukrainian Nationalists were never fighting for the “Ukrainian Nation” but for Cosmopolitan Imperialism.

A stab in the back myth is brewing as Ukrainian soldiers dessert the front lines, surrender en masse and the military recruiters get to work recruiting the women and disabled people left in Ukrainian society. The Ukraine war that escalated in 2022 (ongoing since 2014) did not have to happen. Russia had offered a reasonable agreement under the Minsk and Minsk 2 agreements. Merkel, Holland and Poroshenko have all revealed since they had no intention of honouring that agreement. The only honest party to that agreement out of the four countries was Putin. Now Ukraine will find itself hacked into a rump state.

It’s borders aren’t settled yet but Medvedev has given a hint to the final borders: a landlocked rump state filled with the remaining insane Ukrainian Nationalists.

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