The Latest Attempt To Steal Venezuelas Oil: Juan Guaido Signs A $213m Contract To Kidnap The President of Venezuela

As the American Empire declines further it’s attempts to steal and loot the world become ever more brazen. Leading up to the Yugoslav, Afghanistan and Iraq wars we heard much clamouring for human rights. For Yugoslavia we heard eloquent phrases from parliamentarians on humanitarian intervention. Comparisons to Hitler were abound and frantic propagandists screamed at the tops of their lungs to avert an ethnic cleansing and humanitarian catastrophe.

This skillful propaganda hid the fact Nato sought to establish an oil monopoly from the Middle East to the shores of the black and caspian sea.

In Afghanistan we watched how shamelessly the imperialists, whilst keeping straight faces, sold us the war on women’s rights. Seeing the women oppressed by the Taliban they stumbled on an ingenious way to sell the war to so-called “progressives”. To save these poor women, the presstitutes and propagandists told us, it would be necessary to bomb them, invade them and occupy them. Even Laura Bush, wife to criminal George Bush, got in on the act

“Because of our recent military gains in much of Afghanistan, women are no longer imprisoned in their homes,” 1

The United States has long entered a state of permanent war so now war propaganda is the norm. With regard to Iraq so many lies were told to the public by the bought and paid for prostitutes in parliament and by the snug relationship with the presstitutes who were happy to repeat their lies uncritically and without any sort of scrutiny.

From the leaked downing street memos 2 and the later Chilcot Report 3 we know conclusively that this intelligence was concocted out of thin air to give Tony Blair cover to support Bush for regime change.

There’s only one thing US imperialists want: Everything

As The US Regime Declines They No Longer Bother To Hide Their Imperialism Behind Feel Good Motives

Instead they brazenly state their objectives.

Donald Trump: “US troops in Syria to take the oil”. The disgusting imperialists no longer bother to cloak their language in concern for democracy human rights, feminism or some such other high-minded garbage. Trump does us a favour by showing us how nakedly violent the US regime is.

With Trumps above statement in mind it’s worth pointing out that Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves on the planet which is perhaps why the US regime and it’s army of presstitutes aim their ‘concerns’ at the Venezuelan people and not say the Congo where children are forced into Coltan mines to mine coltan for Western corporations whilst warlords ravage the country.

The difference being that the Congo is completely integrated into the global capitalist economy and it’s natural resources (Coltan) are mined and sold to the West for pennies on the dollar.

Washingtons Man: Guaido And The Attempts To Sanction His Own Country

When the US Regime propelled Juan Guaido to the front of Venezuelan politics as the ‘interim President’ a Caracas based polling firm Datanalisis said Guaido was so unknown there was no polling approval data available for Guaido. 4

Nevertheless Guaido was Washingtons man and no small detail like most Venezuelans not even knowing who he is was going to deter Washington or Guaido.

Guaido declared himself as President of Venezuela then has called repeatedly for sanctions against his own country. 5

Sanctions are nothing short of economic violence against a civilian population. Sanctions affect the poorest and most vulnerable in an economy and can be likened to a medieval siege. The idea being that the population will be driven first to despair then to violence to overthrow their own government to raise the blockade. However this very rarely occurs.

One of the most infamous cases of sanctions against a country was Iraq in the 1990s. Reponding to a question about the devastating effects of sanctiosn aganist Iraq that had killed half a million children, Secretary of state Madelaine Albright of the US regime responded “it was worth it”.

By May 2019 the economic sanctions against Venezuela had caused the deaths of 40,000 people. 678

The sanctions imposed on Venezuela by the US regime are just as murderous as Iraqs sanctions and are now killing people in the tens of thousands. Guaido should be considered a traitor to his own country for pushing sanctions that kill against his own people.

Guaido And The $213 Million Contract To Kidnap The Democratically Elected President Of Venezuela

A highly paid US mercenary lying in his own piss after being captured by Fishermen.

US Mercenaries that quite literally pissed themselves when they were arrested in Venezuela. Foiled by Venezuelan fishermen.

A contract was drawn up between Guaido and Silvercorp to the tune of $213million for the kidnap or murder of the democratically elected President of Venezuela.

John Bolton tweeted on 30 April that “morning is coming to Venezuela – again”. John Bolton of course being a US foreign policy hawk that hasn’t yet met a war he didn’t like or advocate for.


And the far-right christian fanatic9, Mike Pompeo, began signalling that the coup efforts were nearly consolidated.

The buffoon Guaido is largely seen as a joke in his country now and nothing much other than a lightning rod for US interest in Venezuela. As the Venezuelan government parade the US mercenaries in front of the camera who look flabby and out of shape we are reminded that the right to self determination can be fought and won even against such heinous empires as the US regime.

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