Zyuganov: “I consider it a great tragedy that Gorbachev came to the crucible of political power”

I am holding in my hands the assessments of the leaders of the largest countries of the world in connection with the death of Gorbachev. These are the reviews of the US President, the French President, the Austrian Chancellor, the UN Secretary General and the British Prime Minister. The essence of these reviews boils down to the fact that Gorbachev allegedly brought freedom, independence and dignity to the people of the world with his policies.

I am a person raised in the traditions of Russian Orthodox culture and Soviet patriotism. Therefore, I adhere to the rule that it is necessary to speak well about those who have passed away or say nothing at all. But this does not apply to big politicians. The fate of the world, the well-being of people, the dignity of entire states once depended on their activities.

I do not share the assessment of the above named world leaders. You know this well. Moreover, I believe that Gorbachev was one of those rulers in the thousand-year history of Russia, who brought not only the peoples of our country, but also all of our allies and friends, absolute misfortune, grief and misery.

I worked in the Central Committee of the CPSU. Supervised the North Caucasus. My certificate was signed by Andropov. I have visited Gorbachev’s homeland in Stavropol many times. When I met with local leaders, I heard their unflattering assessments of Gorbachev. Let me remind you that at one time Gorbachev was the head of the party organization there. People who knew him well from their joint work said that he couldn’t do anything, that he would probably start a reorganization and knock people head-on. They bluntly said: “We consider it a great tragedy that he came to the crucible of political power.” A few years later, all these estimates were confirmed with absolute accuracy.

The main crime of Gorbachev is the betrayal of the USSR. After all, he inherited a mighty power, with which everyone in this world reckoned. The USSR produced 20% of world industrial output, almost one third of all electronics and one third of all aircraft in the world. At that time we were leaders in many sectors. For example, in aviation, rocket and space technology, electronics, laser technology and air defense systems. And in many others. But, unfortunately, with the advent of Gorbachev, all of this was discarded.

The USSR had all the security zones. When I served in the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, the Germans respected us and greeted us across the road. Because in those years we were a great power.

Gorbachev did not fully understand that the CPSU is not just a party, but a system of state-political administration, which took shape in emergency conditions and justified itself. Leninist-Stalinist modernization brought together the disintegrated empire into a single Soviet state.

Soviet people, under the leadership of the CPSU, built almost nine thousand of the best factories at the time, won the victory over fascism, broke through into space, and created nuclear-missile parity. These victories provided us with a confident and dignified future.

But instead of reforming the party, Gorbachev decided to simply destroy it. With his arrival in the supreme power, almost a hundred regional leaders and ministers were expelled from the Central Committee of the CPSU. Gorbachev gathered around him a team of outright traitors. These are the Yakovlevs, and the Shevardnadzes, and the Yeltsins, and the Bakatins.

Another crime of Gorbachev is the betrayal of Soviet power.

My father was not a party member. He worked as a teacher for almost 50 years, fought for the Soviet state, lost his leg near Sevastopol, and was an invalid of the first degree. When I came to the party and Komsomol work, my father told me: “Remember, son, there is nothing better in this life than Soviet power.” Yes, there were mistakes and difficulties, problems, but the Soviet government always thought about the common man. The state gave women 21 privileges, starting with maternity leave. It education and medicine available to every Soviet citizen. It raised us to the heights of Victory.

This Soviet power, the power of the people, was betrayed by Gorbachev in the most cynical way.

Let me remind you that in accordance with the Constitution of the USSR, Soviet citizens had the right to vote in the All-People’s Referendum. Almost 77% of the citizens of the USSR expressed their desire to live in a single union socialist Fatherland. But Gorbachev, Yeltsin and all the other blood suckers betrayed this historic decision of the Soviet people. This is a crime that has no statute of limitations. And we understand this very well.

Another crime of Gorbachev is that the Soviet people were deprived of everything that they had conquered over the past 100 years. Everything was taken away. And the right to a decent job. And the right to good health care. And the right to an affordable education. People have lost many social guarantees, including decent pensions. The savings of citizens were devalued. Even the money that the old women had for a “rainy day” turned into empty paper.

And another of his crimes. I was just shocked when I found out about it. He betrayed all his friends and allies. For example, the former leader of the GDR, Erich Honecker, was betrayed to such an extent that he was expelled from Russia. In Germany, Erich Honecker was put in the same prison and in the same cell where he was imprisoned under Hitler.

In December 1989, in Malta, Gorbachev met with then US President Bush Sr. and then US Secretary of State James Baker. Even nature rebelled against this meeting. A wild storm arose on the sea. The American ship was tossed from side to side. And our large liner “Maxim Gorky” stood steadily. There they held negotiations.

When they had already sat down at the negotiating table, Gorbachev, for no apparent reason, said to Bush: “We decided to liquidate the Warsaw Pact, to withdraw from Eastern Europe.” Baker later recalled that the American delegation, after Gorbachev’s statement, even started sweating from this news. They assumed that they would now be asked for inflated demands. For example, that they would require the United States to dissolve NATO. But Gorbachev again surprised the American side, he said: “No. We now have a new mindset. Therefore, we are dissolving the Warsaw Pact, and you do what you want.” Thus, the entire security system was betrayed, for which 27 million of the best sons and daughters of our Motherland laid their heads. Almost every Soviet family had casualties during the Great Patriotic War.

We already then knew and saw what Gorbachev and all of his blood suckers were doing. Therefore, we created the Communist Party of the RSFSR. We were done dirty, they didn’t even open an account for us. But only one year was not enough for us to unite all healthy patriotic forces in order to expel these “rulers” from the Kremlin and Staraya Square.

I then addressed with the “Word to the people” and the article “Architect amidst the ruins.” I was sidelined for a long time, including at the Politburo. They fabricated a criminal case to put me away for 10 years. But writer Yuri Bondarev, director Stanislav Govorukhin, singer Iosif Kobzon, actor Mikhail Nozhkin, journalists Alexander Prokhanov and Valentin Chikin stood up for me. Genuine patriots rebelled, knowing full well that this would be an unreasonable massacre. But it’s not about punishment…

Now they will glorify a lot about Gorbachev’s departure from life. It’s their business. But we need to honestly dissociate ourselves from the treacherous “wild 90s.” Otherwise, there will be no recovery and no victory over Nazism and fascism. This is our very principled position. Whether we will cope with the challenges that have fallen on our country depends on honest assessments on this matter today.

The people have long expressed their assessment of Gorbachevism and passed a harsh sentence on it. In 1996, Gorbachev and his team created an election committee. Gorbachev decided to take part in the presidential elections that year. But even in Stavropol, Gorbachev’s homeland, people said that no one would vote for him. Because he sold and betrayed everyone. Gorbachev launched the criminal privatization. As a result, about 0.5% of voters voted for Gorbachev in the 1996 presidential election. This is the people’s verdict for all his criminal treacherous policy.

We later held an open forensic investigation. Including in connection with the impeachment of Yeltsin. There were more than 20 volumes on this investigation in the Duma. All the crimes of this treacherous blood sucker had been proven: from Belovezhye and the betrayal of our army to the flight from Eastern Europe.

Only in Germany there were almost 500 thousand of our troops. It was the strongest army. Since we were withdrawing our troops from Germany, we had to write at least one clause in the agreement. That Germany will never again join NATO in the coming centuries. This principle also applies to Eastern Europe. After all, at that time we had our military groupings in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary. This also applies to the Baltics. The Nazis are marching there today and demolishing Soviet monuments. And every bastard mocks the Russian people.

All our problems today grow, bloom and smell from there. Now see the reviews. All those who stole, stuffed their pockets, all those who enriched themselves on this crime, humiliation and destruction of the country, will now either lisp or stutter about the death of Gorbachev. It would be better if they were silent.

The current rotten security system in the world, in Europe and in the Russian Federation is the result of Gorbachev’s activities. Look around the perimeter of our country. You will see the consequences of this betrayal. Eastern Europe is now driving weapons to Ukraine. In the Baltic States, the fascists and Nazis set the tone in everything, they shut the mouths of those who built factories there, opened new ports.

In native Ukraine, 82% of the population considers Russian to be their native language. But today they cannot speak their native language. And now we are forced to pay with the lives of our best sons again in order to destroy fascism in Ukraine and Donbass.

If we carried out normal reforms today, then everyone would understand that without a strong state, smart centralized power, a sense of collectivism and patriotism, our state cannot exist in any form. But all this was betrayed and sold out by Gorbachev. In the most incompetent and most humiliating way.

Today, parallels are being drawn between Gorbachev and Nicholas II. Indeed, Nicholas II blew the empire, and the other one – the Great Soviet State. Nicholas II got into the First World War for the money of the bankers of London, Paris and New York, although there was no need for this. He was incapable of running a great empire. His father said about him: “Nicholas is not ready for the kingdom. God gave him neither the mind nor the will.” It was an objective assessment.

So Gorbachev got a power with a huge army, powerful production, with great science, a better social system. And Gorbachev let it all go just for Thatcher to smile at him and for Bush to pat him on the shoulder in a friendly way. This is the most humiliating behavior imaginable for a leader and politician!

I recommend reading The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The great Dante painted several circles of Hell. The last, ninth circle, according to his book, was for scoundrels who betrayed their homeland, children, country, friends and relatives.

I believe that there is no greater traitor in our thousand-year history than Gorbachev. Perhaps the Almighty heard this as well. After the start of the liberation operation against nazism, fascism and the banderites, he removed Kravchuk, Shushkevich, and Gorbachev from the face of the Earth. I think that this is how the Almighty and nature cleanse the Earth so that it can be saved from traitors, the Nazis, and we will do everything to ensure that friendship and justice win in the world and in Russia.

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