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Soviet Union

Zyuganov: “I consider it a great tragedy that Gorbachev came to the crucible of political power”

I am holding in my hands the assessments of the leaders of the largest countries of the world in connection with the death of Gorbachev. These are the reviews of the US President, the French President, the Austrian Chancellor, the UN Secretary General and the British Prime Minister. The essence of these reviews boils down …

Hybrid War, Imperialism

Ukraine, Germany And The Defeat Of Europe

An inexperienced government crawling with American toadies has led the Germans up a similar Primrose Path as the Ukrainians. The United States needed a war in Europe to get it’s Nato allies back under the US umbrella. The pipeline of Nordstream 2 ensured that German industry would inevitably drift toward Russia and China. With energy …

Predatory Capitalism, War

Russia Versus The West: Cracking Nato Like An Egg

The West has long over extended Nato. Incapable of beating barefoot jihadis in Afghanistan. Instead the Afghan war dragged on spreading continual human misery as Western mercenaries and the military industrial complex turned it into the worlds largest money laundering operation. Yet for some reason they were shocked at the advance of Taliban retaking the …