Ukraine, Germany And The Defeat Of Europe

An inexperienced government crawling with American toadies has led the Germans up a similar Primrose Path as the Ukrainians. The United States needed a war in Europe to get it’s Nato allies back under the US umbrella. The pipeline of Nordstream 2 ensured that German industry would inevitably drift toward Russia and China. With energy politics comes increased investment, shared business proposals, more markets and capital expenditure.

Pipeline Politics

The United States has pulled off an incredible feat: The pipeline was finished. All it needed was to be certified by German regulators. Instead the lackies and toadies of American empire in the German government have been completely outfoxed.

The German government on 23 February floated the possibility of reopening Nordstream 2 at a later date. Within hours the Biden regime imposed sanctions on Nordstream 2.


A Defeated Europe

In the wake of the defeat of Nazi Germany both Britain and the USA were able to impose their will on the population of Europe. This meant forming the hostile alliance of NATO to ensure Communism would remain contained in Russia. Or so Natos planners emphasised.

The reality was complete domination by Nato with ruthless suppression of communists within Nato countries.

In Daniele Ganseers wonderful book on Operation Gladio he shows how the US had French communists who had been democratically elected removed from parliament, assassinations of communists in Belgium, the arming of fascists controlled effectively by a shadow government (or Deep State if we are to use popular terminology) who committed terrorist attacks all over Europe.

The idea was to commit atrocities, blame them on the reds and in doing so create a “strategy of tension” which kept the European populace looking to the (right wing) State for protection.

Throughout 1948, in Sicily alone, the CIA-backed terror attacks resulted in the killing of on average five people a week. [/efn_note]Paul L williams, Operation Gladio, P.48 [/efn_note]

It meant drug lords like Luciano (and the Mafia generally) being protected by the US for “national security”.


Even the CIA director was forced to admit that Communist candidates would’ve gotten 60% of the vote were it not for the CIAs interference.


With the defeat of Germany over Ukraine – Europe will now enter an era of irreversible decline under the jackboot of Nato troops. In ten years Europe will be an economic and cultural backwater – shipping in expensive US LNG gas with Germany deprived of the economic revitalisation will descend further into the anti human and neomalthusian dying culture that is so prevalent in the West: the absurdity of de-growth economics, “pro green” politics, anti-family, pro sterilising children under Identity Politics and descent even further into reactionary individualism, hedonism and nihilism.

Europe is finished. It sold it’s soul to the yankees.

The Revitalisation of Russia And Russia’s Inevitable Counter Attack

Oft times the effort of propaganda is not only to demonise a population but also to act as a psyop on the citizens and politicians themselves. Under this category we can put the absurd claims of “China committing genocide in Xinjiang” which has been debunked as nonsense over 100 times.

Another form of psyop on Americans and Western Europeans is the repeated calls that Russia is “little more than a gas station”. Or comparing Russias economy to the size of “spain” or California”. Whatever is the current flavour of the week.

This propaganda has been pushed with the obvious intention of implanting in Western (particularly politicians but also the pundit class) that the West (read Nato) can do as it likes to Russia because it’s only export is gas and it’s economy is tiny.

In doing so the Western politicians (particularly European ones) are going to wake up to a very harsh reality. After the 2014 sanctions Russia was forced to develop it’s agriculture and became the number 1 exporter of wheat in the world.

Russia produces the most engineers in the world – almost double the United States.


Ukraine and Russia combined produce 25% of the worlds wheat market.

Russia is the number 1 producer of fertiliser.

The software most cars are run on is Russian built.

What the West has kicked off is the de-dollarisation of the planet and whilst the US may be able to gloat in the short term at having destroyed Europes economies whilst profiting immensely off it.


The West is already wracked with inflation. And this inflation is about to come home to the United States as the dollar gets attacked from all sides. The Europeans hope to sit around waving threats like the French have threatened. Sergei Naryshkin (Director of Russias Foreign Intelligence Services) was to say

“Masks have dropped. The West is not just trying to enclose Russia with a new ‘Iron Curtain’. We are talking about attempts to destroy our state – its ‘abolition’, as it is now customary to say in the ‘tolerant’ liberal-fascist environment. Since the United States and its allies have neither the opportunity nor the spirit to try to do this in an open and honest military-political confrontation, sneaky attempts are being made to establish an economic, informational and humanitarian “blockade”’.


Hyperbolic perhaps? However the French Finance Minister also declared

“I don’t want to leave any ambiguity about the determination of Europe on this subject. We are going to wage an economic and financial war on Russia.”

He continued: “We want to target the heart of the Russian system. We’ll target Vladimir Putin. We’ll target the oligarchs. But we’ll also target the entire Russian economy.”

Le Maire said, “We are going to cause the collapse of the Russian economy.”


But even ignoring that for a moment: Russia can simply turn off the gas from Nordstream 1 (which it now controls in Ukraine) and watch the Europeans freeze in their homes. An acquaintance who works for one of the big 6 energy companies in Britain has already confided that there are currently plans for controlled rolling black outs for next winter.

Europe has destroyed it’s economic future, betrayed by the cuckold Atlanticists in Brussels. They have fallen directly in the trap laid out by psychopaths in Washington that make up the neocon crowd.

The Americans have enabled themselves to enrich themselves off the Germans whilst fighting Russia to the last, brave Ukrainian.

The Americans knew that pushing for Ukrainian membership into Nato would likely provoke a war.9 NATO enlargement, particularly to Ukraine, remains “an emotional and neuralgic” issue for Russia, but strategic policy considerations also underlie strong opposition to NATO membership for Ukraine and Georgia. In Ukraine, these include fears that the issue could potentially split the country in two, leading to violence or even, some claim, civil war, which would force Russia to decide whether to intervene.

Wikileaks, Cable sent on Feb 1 2008 10 And whilst Ukraine was “not a part of Nato” it de facto was becoming a Nato partner. The CIA has been on the ground forming an insurgent battallions trained out of Poland to fight Russia of an army 20,000 strong.–57cFU5zM

What is being unleashed in Europe is a neonazi army modelled on the ISIS armies created in the Middle East and directed at States like Libya and Syria.

Biden even predicted in 1997 that NATO expansion would invite a military conflict with Russia.

US planners have long planned for this war. Though they may feel like they’re winning now the economic war is just getting started. Without the ability to export dollars (and therefore inflation) the US economy will be wracked by inflation.

We’re just getting started.

  1. Today, I have directed my administration to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG and its corporate officers. These steps are another piece of our initial tranche of sanctions in response to Russia’s actions in Ukraine. As I have made clear, we will not hesitate to take further steps if Russia continues to escalate.

    Through his actions, President Putin has provided the world with an overwhelming incentive to move away from Russian gas and to other forms of energy. I want to thank Chancellor Scholz for his close partnership and continued dedication to holding Russia accountable for its actions.

    Statement by President Biden on Nord Stream 2, The White House, 23 Feb 2022

  2. In Cuba,
    Santo Trafficante and his family continued to cut the heroin with
    sugar before delivering it to distributors in New Orleans, Miami, and
    New York.19 The CIA established protected drug routes into these
    ports by developing close ties to the Mafia-tainted International
    Longshoremen’s Association, which remained under the thumb of Rosario
    “Saro” Mogavero.20 The movement of the product throughout the
    country was facilitated by Jimmy Hoffa and other leaders of the
    International Brotherhood of Teamsters working with Mafia-owned
    trucking companies, including the Long Island Garment Trucking
    Company, which was run by John Ormento.21

    This activity was not lost on Harry Anslinger, head of the Bureau
    of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (BNDD), who noted the sharp rise in
    the supply of heroin in African American neighborhoods and the
    subsequent rise in addiction. Hearing from informants that the drugs
    were coming from Luciano, he sent Charles Siragusa and other BNDD
    agents to Sicily, where they were ordered to haunt the deported
    gangster’s every move. It wasn’t long before the agents caught
    Luciano with a half-ton of heroin being readied for shipment to
    Havana.22 Siragusa pressed for an arrest. But no action was taken by
    the Italian government or by the US State Department. Lucky’s work in
    Sicily, the BNDD was informed, remained a matter of national security

    Ibid p.46

  3. In addition to these undertakings, Monsignor Don Giuseppe
    Bicchierai, acting upon papal authority, assembled a terror gang
    charged with the task of beating up Communist candidates, smashing
    left-wing political gatherings, and intimidating voters. The money,
    guns, and jeeps for the Monsignor’s terror attacks were furnished by
    the CIA from surplus World War II stockpiles.27

    On Election Day, Don Calo and his men stuffed ballot boxes and
    bribed voters with gifts of freshly laundered drug money, while Pope
    Pius remained within his chambers “hunched-up, almost physically
    overcome by the weight of his present burden, the coming election.”28
    The mob’s tactics worked, and the Christian Democrats triumphantly
    returned to power. In his memoirs, William Colby, who would later
    become the director of the CIA , wrote that the Communists would have
    gained 60 percent of the vote without the Agency’s sabotage.

    Ibid p.48

  4. Here are some top countries with higher
    number of graduates as Russian
    takes the top slot with 454,436 of annual engineering,
    manufacturing, and construction graduates, followed by the United
    States with 237,826. -World Atlas, Countries
    That Produce the Most Engineers
    , July 2018
  5. In addition to European speculators on Russian gas, the United
    States has become enormously rich in recent months, profiting from
    the extraordinarily high prices. Meanwhile, in order to distract
    public opinion from the true situation on the issue, Joe Biden’s
    administration officials are trying to falsely accuse Moscow of
    increasing gas prices, while doing nothing to lower those prices
    themselves, as their fall is absolutely unprofitable for Washington.

    And this is confirmed by data
    from the Russian Federal Customs Service and the US
    Bureau of Economic Analysis
    , which clearly show reports on gas
    exports to Europe by the US and prove that it is the US that has been
    making more money than Russia on the super-high gas prices in recent
    months. Thus, the value of natural gas and LNG exported by Russia in
    January-August 2021 was $33.197 billion, compared with $42.9 billion
    worth of LNG exported by the US during the same period!

    NEO, US
    Enriches itself at the Expense of the EU Paralized by the Price
    , 9 Mar 2022

  6. Yahoo News, Russian Official Blames Ukraine Invasion Sanctions on Cancel Culture,March
    4, 2022
  7. Business
    Insider, A top Russian official appeared to threaten France with ‘real war’ after the French finance minister said Western sanctions would ’cause the collapse of the Russian economy’, Mar 1 2022
    The former Prime Minister of Russia was quick to declare that
    “economic wars often lead to real ones!” 7 ibid

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