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Russia Versus The West: Cracking Nato Like An Egg

The West has long over extended Nato. Incapable of beating barefoot jihadis in Afghanistan. Instead the Afghan war dragged on spreading continual human misery as Western mercenaries and the military industrial complex turned it into the worlds largest money laundering operation.

Yet for some reason they were shocked at the advance of Taliban retaking the entire country in a matter of weeks.

Now US has placed Russia in the position of standing up to face the West or allow them to encroach further into Russia. The bear must lash back at Nato or face Nato encroaching into its territory. Western monopolies have longed eyed Russias vast natural resources, particularly Siberia. With Bidens approval ratings lower than Trumps, Biden now needs a war to distract from his failings as the US approaches One million dead to covid and approval ratings more abysmal than Trump.

In doing so Russia will be forced to go to war in Ukraine and smash the pro-Nato Nazi puppet regime installed there. The subsequent cascading effects will destroy US empire overnight. The dollar will go into hyperinflation. Europe will freeze due to lack of gas supplies from Russia.

The West has chosen to approach Russias borders and support Nazis that celebrate holocaust collaborators like Stepan Bandera. As Putin has said “Russia has nowhere to retreat” and that “if a fight is about to happen you’d better strike first”.

From here Russia can ratchet up the pain against the West and go in a multitude of directions at a time when the US wants to be engaged in Asia.

The Russian Ultimatum

In December Russia initiated an ultimatum of sorts to Nato. (Well, the US. Nato is solely controlled by the US afterall and is the only country in Nato to have agency).

The ultimatum to Nato was a public ultimatum in which Nato would essentially be rolled back to it’s 1997 borders. The Russians demanded that Nato also not expand any further with explicit guarantees that both Georgia and Ukraine never be accepted to Nato.

The Russians have long accused the West of being “agreement incapable”.

Russia issued the ultimatum publicly in light of the West being completely “agreement incapable”. One need only look at the litany of lies the West has told about Nato expansion, to the US’s withdrawal from numerous arms treaties, the assassination of diplomats on Iraqi soil (Suleimani in 2020 for instance) or the withdrawal from the JCPOA with Iran to agree with the Russian view that an agreement signed by the Americans isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

The Empire Strikes Back — Turkey and Britain Bringing Jihadi Headchoppers To Kazakhstan

One need only look at Kazkhstan on a map to see why the Nato backed uprising was set off in Kazakhstan. The timing too, was one week prior to the negotiations Russia had initiated with it’s ultimatum to the West.

Sharing a large land border with Russia to the North bordering China to the east. More specifically Kazakhstan borders the Xinjiang region of China where the US has been supporting terrorism and islamic fundamentalists for decades.

Without the Cold War excuse, our foreign policymakers had a real hard time justifying our joint operations and terrorism schemes in the resource rich ex-Soviet states with these same groups, so they made sure they kept their policies unwritten and unspoken, and considering their grip on the mainstream media, largely unreported. Now what would your response be if I were to say on the record, and, if required, under oath: “Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed, and helped execute every major terrorist incident by Chechen rebels (and the Mujahideen) against Russia. Between 1996 and 2002, we, the United States, planned, financed, and helped execute every single uprising and terror related scheme in Xinjiang (aka East Turkistan and Uyhurstan). Between 1996 and 2001, we, the United States, planned and carried out at least two assassination schemes against pro Russian officials in Azerbaijan.” (FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds quoted in: Paul L Williams, Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, The CIA and the Mafia, p.289)

As much as the Mainstream Media insists (with the complicit deceit of Trotskyites) that this disintegration attempt of Kazakhstan as a state was a “legitimate protest about fuel prices”.

It was not.

The protests (of legitimate concerns on fuel prices) were quickly hijacked by fanatical islamists who began beheading people in the streets.

Anyone with a cursory reading of history knows for instance that the US has cultivated fanatical Islamism and used it to defeat the Soviets in Afghanistan, to finance and arm the Jihadis drug dealers in the KLA against Yugoslavia, Chechens in Russia, ‘East Turkestan’ separatists in Xinjiang, the slew of Jihadis headchoppers in Libya and Syria.

In 1999, while at RAND, Fuller advocated using Muslim forces to further US interests in Central Asia against both China and Russia. He stated, “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Russians. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.” (F. William Engdahl, The Lost Hegemon, p.149)

The degenerate Wests cultivation of Islamic fundamentalists has produced blowback numerous times. Bin Laden being the most obvious one I’ll perhaps point to the Manchester bombing. Where Salman Abedi blew himself up at a childrens concert. Salman Abedi had been cultivated by Mi5 who had facilitated his going to Libya to overthrow the heroic Gadaffi. Turning Libya from the most successful country in Africa into a destroyed nation. The Guardian even hilariously described Abedis family as “opposition to Gadaffi”.

As if Abedi was in some oppositional political party.

Presumably because Gadaffi would’ve strangled islamic fundamentalist child killers like Abedi that decide to blow up children at an Ariana Grande concert in their sleep.

Another hallmark of Nato interference is unmarked vehicles handing out weapons to protestors that seemingly know how to use them straight away.

As if they have had weapons training maybe.

As if their primary concern was not fuel prices at all but a Libyan/Syrian style destruction of Kazakhstan

Turkic involvement is almost assured evidenced by the involvement of the Muslim brotherhood and the Grey Wolves.

The demands of the ‘protestors’ (ie. the separatists) amounted to complete ruination of the Kazkh nation.

One of the ‘peaceful protesters’ in Kazakhstan has been identified as someone who until recently had lived in Turkey. In a picture he makes the ‘Grey Wolf’ sign of Turkish fascists.(MOA, (Mysteries Of The Failed Rebellion In Kazakhstan, Jan 22)

The use of Turkish fascists and the islamists in the muslim brotherhood would’ve had support by Britain who have long been trying to lock Russia (post 1991) and China out of the Central Asian markets.

The appointment in June 2020 of Richard Moore, a former ambassador to Turkey, as head of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service, was a move to strengthen the British position in the Central Asian theatre. He is not only a stalwart Russophobe, but also a fierce apologist for Great Turania: that is, the success of the pan-Turkist aspiration to create a state uniting the Turkic-speaking peoples in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and even for that matter in the Russian federal republics of the Volga region, the Urals, and the North Caucasus. Richard Moore has long nurtured this project.(New Eastern Outlook, British Intelligence Intensifies its Struggle against Russia and China in Central Asia, Jan 2022)

Had the foreign backed uprising succeeded this would’ve been a double win. It would’ve strengthened the proponents of ‘Great Turania’ and strengthened the violent killers in the East Turkestan Islamic Movement — who have committed atrocity after atrocity in Xinjiang in the false hope of separating Xinjiang from China.

The Comedown: Smashing The Rot And Filth In Kazakhstan

What is quickly unveiling in Kazakhstan is not some noble protestors battling the government over petrol prices. But a sustained campaign waged by Britain and Turkey to expand Turkish influence in Kazakhstan.

The appointment in June 2020 of Richard Moore, a former ambassador to Turkey, as head of MI6, Britain’s foreign intelligence service, was a move to strengthen the British position in the Central Asian theatre. He is not only a stalwart Russophobe, but also a fierce apologist for Great Turania: that is, the success of the pan-Turkist aspiration to create a state uniting the Turkic-speaking peoples in Central Asia, the Caucasus, and even for that matter in the Russian federal republics of the Volga region, the Urals, and the North Caucasus. Richard Moore has long nurtured this project. The key to London’s plans in this area is winning the support of Erdogan, president of the Turkish Republic Erdogan, and the now-head of MI6 worked to realize this aim during his ambassadorship in Turkey in 2014–2018. To this end Moore organized repeated visits to Britain where the Turkish leader met with representatives of its political-military establishment; always supported Erodgan’s course for Turkey in his official statements; and gave packing to his political party.(New Eastern Outlook, British Intelligence Intensifies its Struggle against Russia and China in Central Asia, Jan 2022)

Whoever heard of protests over fuel prices ending in beheadings afterall?

The Anglos have long cultivated Islamist Jihadis headchoppers to conduct their dirty work. As they did in Afghanistan against the Soviets, as they did in Yugoslavia when Bin Laden was helping to destroy Yugoslavia, then again in Libya and Syria. Please see William F Engdahls excelling book documenting how far and deep the West has supported Islamist fundamentalists in order to achieve it’s geopolitical aims.

The CSTO did not hesitate to act and within a short period the CSTO sent it’s troops in cutting the armed uprising off at it’s knees.

If the CSTO had failed to act Kazakhstan could feasibly turned into a new Syria or Libya. Instead the terrorists that had captured the airport (protests over fuel hikes always end in capturing State control points! Sarcasm of course) were quickly expelled from the airport preventing foreign aid coming into to help the terrorists.

None of this could’ve happened without Kazakh society being rotten like an apple throughout. These pro Western sycophants will now be getting cleared out.

Caverns In The House Of Nato

If Russia plays it’s cards correctly it may be able to crack the Nato alliance forver and expel most American forces in Europe.

The loss of face for the US empire would be Afghanistan x 1000. The ensuing split of east and West into separate silos would slay the empire in one foul swoop. The West would initiate some kind of nuclear sanctions against Russia. Previous sanctions against Russia forced the Russians to develop their own agriculture and become the largest exporter of wheat.

If the US were to initiate the kind of sanctions they would like to: this would amount to Europeans freezing for US foreign policy.

It’s not a surprise then that a German bank was to issue a statement of the below:

Europe and the USA are defusing the Western threat of sanctions against Moscow: the idea of ​​cutting off Russian banks from the payment service provider Swift and thus effectively from global financial flows is not being pursued any further.(Handelsblatt, Swift sanctions off the table: EU and US move away from excluding Russia from the global financial system, Jan 2022)

The Anglo Think-Landia are in ecstasy at the possibility of Sweden and Finland joining Nato.

No doubt both countries would like to: Sweden has an advanced military industrial complex and would like to sell weapons to other nations. However Nato usually restricts Nato nations to buying weapons from other Nato nations and in that sense has created a kind of captive market. Why the Swedish think that they will be picking up weapons contracts when the British/French and Germans struggle to compete with the Americans is nothing short of delusional however.

But even if Sweden and Finland were to join Nato, who cares?

It’s just another two countries the US will foot their security bill (as the dollar collapses in real time due to excessive money printing) and gain a few millions population that are as unprepared to fight and die even if Nato triggers article 5.

But when it came to committing to upholding Article 5 — the alliance’s sacred cow, which requires NATO members to defend an ally if it is attacked — the results were devastating. The Pew poll showed that among Europeans, a median of 49 percent of respondents thought their country should not defend an ally, a response that exposes a lack of commitment to collective defense. Not only that: the majority of Europeans (67 percent), with the surprising exception of the Poles (49 percent), believed the United States would come to the defense of its allies.(Cargnegie, NATO’s European Allies Won’t Fight for Article 5, June 2015)

As well as another poll in 2016:

53% of France, 56% of Spain, 60% of Germany and even 41% of the UK state that they should not go to defend a NATO country even if it were attacked by Russia.

One might wonder how less they’ll care about Ukraine: who is not in Nato or the EU. Germans will ask whether it is worth them freezing in Winter for Ukraine and the Americans or whether they shall finally rid themselves of their occupied mentality and seek an independence from the Anglo-Saxons.

The French are already asking those questions.

The Ukraine Talks Fail (Predictably) And The Russian-Chinese Response

And finally, the Russian response.

Putin was to promise a “military technical” response if the talks failed which they inevitably did.

From here Russias foreign policy team can go anywhere.

The long awaited formal announcement of a Russian-Chinese military alliance? The liberation of Ukraine from the Nazi puppet regime that has been solely propped up by the West and has no sovereignty — afterall everything that happens in Kiev is run by the Americans.

Missiles in Cuba or Venezuela, pointing a gun at the head of the US?

It should be noted that the US still do not have hypersonic missiles with the recent tests failing for a third time in a row(yet another humiliation for the empire).

The US today is the apex of imperialism as described in Lenins book Imperialism. A parasitic rentier state holding the worlds production back from development to maintain it’s position. Since the end of world war 2 the USA (and it’s satellites) it absorbed fascism.

In doing so the West sheltered nazis and ratlined them back to the USA with new identities and jobs (ensuring they escaped justice from the Soviet bloc), intelligence services prevented nazis from being hunted down in USA, Canada let in Ukrainian nazis and child killers if they had SS tattoos because this “proved they were anticommunist”, Gestappo leaders like Reinhard Gehlen were taken out of their nazi uniforms and put back to work against the Soviets for the CIA, the US sponsored every anticommunist massacre like Brazil or Indonesia 1965 where 5 milllion people were killed, the fascist backed groups across Europe under Operation Gladio where terrorists killed innocent people to blame on communists and the nonstop aggression against defenceless nations like Korea/Vietnam/Nations of S.America and the broken trail of countries across the Middle East which have resulted in millions of dead — and many more will die long after given how Agent Orange still poisons and ruins the lives of millions of Vietnamese some 50 years later.

If I were to guess or speculate I suspect a formal alliance between Russia and China to be announced followed by a liberation of Ukraine and possibly a liberation of Taiwan.

This immense pressure on Nato could shatter the alliance as the Europeans finally decide it is better to deal with Russia on their own terms than terms dictated from the halls of Washington and London. When the Soviet Union fell, due to the recklessness and idealism of market socialists, Nato should’ve packed its bags and disbanded.

The subsequent looting of the Russian nation under that traitor Yeltsin should prove to Russians that the West will never accept Russia into ‘polite circles’ unless Russian women with masters degrees are prostituting themselves to pay for food (as they were in the 1990s). Whether the Russians like it or not this historical task has fallen to them — Western societies too gluttonous, narcissistic and self obsessed to bring down their own war machines that torment the world.

Today Nato represents an ever present threat to the people of the world. It’s war profiteering has contaminated every facet of Western societies.

But we very may well be living in it’s end day

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