Western Absolute Evil – Trans Shooter Manifesto Covered Up By Big Tech and Fake News Media

Reading news from the United States is like getting a front row seat to an incredibly dysfunctional family. We already know the daughter is going to be a stripper with a drug abuse problem, the son will be dealing drugs or stealing cars, the mother slipping into veil of alcoholism and the father in prison after a public display of violence doped on meth.

Therefore no one (outside the US) is overly surprised when someone takes an automatic rifle and begins shooting up innocent people in schools or public places. It is part of United States culture.

(It goes without saying that this is a horrific act of disgusting depravity of people who have become unfeeling nihilists who seek only to “take revenge” on the immediate people that surround them).

But a curious part of me wonders if this is not a rational response to vomit inducing society: from the horrific architecture that looks as if it was designed by people that hate human beings, the horrendous loneliness in capitalist society, the celebration of individual etc.

Ie. Wouldn’t a sick capitalist society that produces the decadence and degeneracy and straight up disregard for human life – from it’s movies, books, common culture and frequent interactions.

So as far as American culture concerned, who cares about one more mass shooting when they happen at the frequency they do in the United States?

Well the answer lies in the fact the shooter was a disgusting leftoid-liberal, obsessed with the naval gazing politics of Identity Politics and mass media, the government and Big Tech worked overtime to censor the shooters beliefs.


On March 27, 2023, a mass shooting occurred at The Covenant School, a Presbyterian Church in America parochial elementary school in the Green Hills neighborhood of Nashville, Tennessee when 28-year-old Aiden Hale (born Audrey Elizabeth Hale), a transgender man and former student of the school, killed three nine‑year‑old children and three adults before being shot and killed by two Metropolitan Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officers.

Audrey Hale’s manifesto was left behind and mentioned but immediately covered up. Steven Crowder would eventually get hold of three pages of the manifesto in which she would state

Another page dated March 2 reads, “Kill those kids!!! Those crackers … F**k you little s**ts. I wish to shoot you weakass d***s with your mop yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little crackers!! Bunch of little f*****s with your white privileges. F**k you f*****s.”

News.com.au, Photos of Nashville school shooter’s alleged manifesto leak online

Displaying the typical mental illness of the average radical-liberal, one has to wonder why the need to prevent this manifesto being released? The media pores over a manifesto whenever it’s written by a Nazi as in the case of the ChristChurch shooter. Or a misogynist incel killer.

Only three days after the shooting Biden was to state

I want every member of the trans community to know that we see you. You’re each made in the image of God, and deserve love, dignity, and respect. You make America stronger, and we’re with you.


The Media Covers Up The Fact The Shooter Was a Transvestite

Normally when the media covers a shooter the media pores over the shooters manifestos. Most shooters are demographically white American males and politically of an extreme right-wing. Usually lamenting immigrants in their country or fanaticising about the great replacement theory (which is largely true because capitalism requires cheap labour and businesses love people that are unsure of their rights, work harder than the natives and can drive down wages).

Yet in this instance the shooter, a transvestite, has had her manifesto swept under the rug due to her politics – which involve being an extreme Liberal talking about white children being “crackers” (the racial slur) and how Christians deserve to die.


Greenwald writes:  “Rumble host Steven Crowder announced he had obtained several pages of the manifesto. He published them on Twitter and his online show. The Nashville PD acknowledged their authenticity, expressed rage, and ordered an investigation to find the leaker. The pages published by Crowder of Hale’s writings contained vicious and hateful anti-white and anti-Christian sentiments, prompting the question: who in media or politics radicalized Audrey Hale to go murder people in the name of these bigotries? Yet immediately, Big Tech platforms—including Google’s YouTube and Facebook—censored Crowder’s publications. We know about them—and were able to read them—only because Twitter (X) and Rumble refused as usual to censor, highlighting yet again the vital importance of these free speech platforms.”

It is a strange thing to do – how the Media, Politicians and Big Tech have walked in lockstep in covering up the manifesto. Why can’t the US public know that Audrey Hale thought that school children she marked for death she considered “crackers”?

Strategy of Depopulation

Only a few days after the trans shooter shot dead those children in that school the Biden admin put out the following:

Transgender Americans deserve to be safe and supported in every community – but today, across our country, MAGA extremists are advancing hundreds of hateful and extreme state laws that target transgender kids and their families.


The attack on “Maga Extremists” after a Christian school was shot up is a bizarre one. Except if you understand that the radical-liberals teaching transgenderism to children and demanding children be given lap dances by drag queens is when you understand the bourgeois are intent on depopulating the planet. A backlash against transgenderism would be a lose for the bourgeoisie who don’t want to see any more human beings created.

And transgenderism is a perfect pipe to be built up as ‘revolutionary’, a Tumblr rabbit hole teenagers can dive down and before they know it they’ve agreed to being sterilised by the Medical Industrial Complex.

The Rockefeller Foundation have had the greatest input into changing human sexual behaviour. Starting with the reactionary 1960s sexual revolution as a means to breaking up the family. Whilst Rockefeller was funding Alfred Kinsey and the paedophillic Kinsey Institute on the one hand Rockefeller funded the Population Council on the other.

Deeply Malthusian, Rockefeller and the Population Council believed the heavily discredited Malthusian concept of more people = more burden on society. This is, of course, completely false. As exhaustively debunked in Julian Simones The Ultimate Resource 2. Resources are not like stocks in a cupboard and with more people comes more efficient methods of labour, efficient methods of agriculture, technology advances that end up producing more goods.

The eugenicists surrounding Rockefeller therefore began game planning how to reduce the human population and the “useless eaters” and sterilise as much of the population as possible. The Eugenicists of the Population Council concluded that “encourage homosexuality” was a viable way to do this. Alongside “Alter ideal family size”, “postpone or avoid marriage”and “payments to encourage sterilisation”.

Western Absolute Evil

Western Civilisation is coming to an abrupt and quick end.

You hear from so-called Christians in the United States of “Judeo-Christian values” – an attempt to marry Christianity to Zionism. Largely, successful by Zionists and the Schofield Bible (a heretical study bible that rewrote entire portions of the Bible to marry the Christian faith to Judeaism for purposes of Zionism).

But a depraved society that practices double mastectomies and castration on twelve year olds is neither Judeo nor Christian. A society that displays pornography everywhere 24/7 can be considered neither Juedeo nor Christian. Where sexual perversion is on display everywhere. A society so used to clipping coupons and rent from the third World that it has become an unproductive and degenerate mess. This has produced a working class incapable of building socialism.

Instead what counts for the ‘left’ (sodomites and mentally ill people) are reduced to naval gazing about their ‘sexual identities’.

Already most of the world considers the Western world absolute evil. With the slaughter of the Palestinians happening with a wink and a nod of the United States the world is now awakening to the righteous need to dismantle US hegemony so it’s depopulation rhetoric, deep hatred for humanity and it’s depraved cultural practices can be wiped from the face of the earth.

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