The BBC’s Familiar Emotional Kvetching Over Fake ‘Mass Graves’ In Mariupol
Eva Bartlett at the grave site where MSM claimed trenches were being dug and 9000 people being thrown into mass graves

Navigating to Iplayer to watch the BBC’s latest documentary on Mariupol you’ll find it sandwiched between their other documentaries “Hong Kongs Fight For Freedom” and “Iran: Women Rising” so you can be sure to know what to think on those British foreign policy directives also.

The Hong Kong “freedom fighters” are almost exclusively funded by foreign powers and run by National Endowment for Democracy (a CIA cut out). (MintPress News, The NED Strikes Again: How Neocon Money Is Funding The Hong Kong Protests, Sept 2019)

The Iranian protests, simiarly, are funded by the CIA. (Global Research, Is the CIA Supporting Another Color Revolution in Iran—Like the One that Installed the Shah in 1953?, Oct 2022)

Nevertheless, upon viewing the documentary you’ll be greeted with disinformation, sad music and gregarious lies to tug at your heart strings.

“Mass Graves In Mariupol” – Another MSM Fake

The claim of “mass graves” was started by Ukrainian officials and parroted unquestionably by Western media who from the start of the war have parroted everything the Ukrainian government has said with no critical eye. The rumours were started by Mariupol Mayor Vadym Boichecko who called it the new “Babyn Yar” – a location where 33,000 jews were killed by Nazis in 1941.

He claimed “The invaders are concealing evidence of their crimes. The cemetary is located near a petrol station to the left side of a circular road. The Russians have dug huge trenches, 30 metres wide. They chuck people in”.

It is cruel irony for a Azovite supporting Mayor attempting to rewrite history where World war 2 Nazis and their collaborators are heroes of the Ukrainian nation. Eva Bartlett was able to visit the supposed mass grave there to which she found 400 individual plots including 100 empty ones.(Eva Bartlett, Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax–I Know, I Went To See, 24 April 2022)

This is contrasted to the nonsense the Washington Post reported:

The Mariupol City Council said in a statement on Telegram that officials believe up to 9,000 civilians could be buried in the mass grave, where authorities said Russians forces “dug new trenches and filled them with corpses every day throughout April.” The council added that it has information indicating the bodies were “buried in several layers.” There was no immediate independent verification available of those claims.(Washington Post, New mass grave points to war crimes in Mariupol, Ukrainian officials say, April 21 2022)

At least the Washington Post was honest to admit they could not verify the claims.

Because they are lies that Washington Post is only too willing to reproduce in service of the Ukrainian junta.

In the video Eva Bartlett is able to speak to one of the grave diggers at the cemetary.

“According to them, they bury each person in a coffin and separate grave, details are logged in the morgue, and when any documents regarding name and age are given, the plot is marked with a placard containing those details. Otherwise a number is used.

Interestingly, they also noted that a section of the new graves included buried Ukrainian soldiers. “They’re human, too” one of the men said.”(Monthly Review, Here’s what I found at the reported ‘mass grave’ near Mariupol, May 02 2022)

The supposed ‘mass graves’ talked about by Western media used Satellite imagery to pretend they were mass graves. These similar propaganda tactics have been used by Western Media (and the BBC) in it’s reporting on Xinjiang in China and the West’s support of the jihadis in the East Turkestan Islamic Movement. The Wests support for the ETIM is because the ETIM wants an independent State severed off of China called ‘East Turkestan’.

To manufacture this the West (and BBC) utilised ‘satellite’ imagery to baselessly speculate about buildings used for “concentration camps for Uyghurs”.

On further investigation these ominous buildings were found to be administration buildings, nursing homes, logistics centers or schools. (GlobalTimes, Xinjiang offers real-site photos to debunk satellite images ‘evidence’ of ‘detention centers’, Nov 2022)

But as the saying goes a lie goes halfway round the world before the boot can get it’s shoes on. By the time these claims were disproved MSM had already played it’s part in disseminating it’s dehumanising atrocity propaganda which will eventually be used to justify a world war against China.

These claims in Xinjiang were laundered through a far-right ideologue and a CIA organisation (Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation). (Grayzone, ‘Forced labor’ stories on China brought to you by US gov, NATO, arms industry to drive Cold War PR blitz, March 2020)

The general formula is to get someone far right nutcase, whether it be Adrian Zenz for the Uyghurs or a Neonazi Mayor and Azovite apologist from Ukraine to say something crazy. The Western MSM will the work in concert in repeating those claims. Some publications (like Washington Post) at least stating they did not independently verify the claims.

Even if they obscure the fact they had no intention to.

Atrocity Propaganda – A Western Forte

In order to maintain the systems and governance of imperialist oppression the Mainstream Media needs to act as a tool of manipulation of the unsusceptible public. The way this is done is to insist that the ‘enemy’ has done something so heinous as to be beyond reproach. The second is to insist on “something being done now”. Time is the enemy of these propaganda blitz’s as if anyone gets time to investigate, question or think critically the agents of imperialism are unable to achieve their foreign policy objectives.

With regard to the gas attacks in Douma, Syria you see this on full display. The claim that the Syrian government would gas their own people in Douma was quickly used as justification in Western governments to strike Syria with airstrikes. (Indepdent, Theresa May wins second vote on Syria action as Jeremy Corbyn demands new war powers law, April 2018)

It did not matter that a year later a BBC producer would denounce the Douma hospital scene shot by the BBC as staged.

“BBC Syria producer Riam Dalati on Wednesday claimed in a series of Twitter posts that the video footage, aired by BBC, showing people being treated after the alleged April 7, 2018, chemical weapons attack in Douma was staged. He arrived at the conclusion after six months of investigations.”(CGTN, Analysis: Was ‘staged’ gas attack footage used to bomb Syria?, Feb 2019)

Even Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) originally concluded that findings that undermined the allegations of a chemical attack. It was only after documents were leaked to wikileaks that we found out the original findings were censored and the investigators booted off the reports. The later report which was released, was doctored to fit the Western narrative. This final report put out the opposite of what the original inspectors had claimed : that there were “reasonable grounds” to believe that a chlorine gas attack had taken place.(Grayzone, Corrupting science: Shunning forensic expertise, OPCW left Douma murders in Syria unsolved, December 2021)

Ian Henderson was a team leader on the OPCW team and detailed how his report was changed.

“The last week of June saw the incident of “last-minute” unexpected modifications to the FFM Interim Report, contrary to the consensus that had been reached within the team. The report had been changed to reflect a conclusion that chlorine had been released from cylinders, as well as other significant changes in content.” (Ian Henderson, Ian Henderson’s statement on the OPCW Douma scandal, Jan 2020)

At the time of the Douma attack one might wonder why the Syrian government would have resorted to chemical weapons. President Obama had already insisted chemical weapons were a “red line” that might pull the United States into the conflict. Douma was occupied by the Saudi-backed jihadia militia Jaysh-Al-Islam and under punishing bombardment from the Syria army. After lots of propaganda of dead bodies, strange gas cylinders and bizarre BBC propaganda footage the US, UK and France bombed Syria with no international inquiry or UN authorisation.

It certainly would be strange for the Syrian government, at that time, to use chemical weapons. Given that the Syrian government were winning the war. Compared to the situation of the Western backed jihadis who were being bombarded by all sides and staged a false flag attack in the hopes of drawing the Western governments into the conflict. Which they were.

These details are safely memory holed by a corrupt Western media who’s aim is to brainwash their populations.

Fake Rape Allegations Parroted By Western MSM

A favourite hoax of the imperialist war machine is to insist outrageous crimes have been committed. To this we can add Ukraines claims about “Russian soldiers raping women”.

In May a slew of allegations against Russia soldiers raping “daughters in front of mothers” and other heinous crime was levelled at Russians. They stemmed from one Ukrainian official, Lyudmila Denisova, and uncritically repeated by Western MSM.

“We need help for both,” said Denisova. She went on to describe the alleged rapes of two 11-year-olds, a girl and a boy, and a 14-year-old.(MoonOfAlabama, Rape Allegations Against Russian Troops In Ukraine Were Fake, May 2022)

Is an example of the sensational claims she made and then foghorned through MSM.

Denisova was later fired for spending spreading rumours of “unnatural sexual crimes” and “rape of children” which could not be confirmed by evidence.

“[Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee the Verkhovna Rada Pavlo] Frolov also noted that since the beginning of the war and the great suffering of Ukrainians, Denisova has hardly exercised her authority to organize humanitarian corridors, protect and exchange prisoners, oppose the deportation of people and children from the occupied territories, and other human rights activities.

The incomprehensible concentration of the ombudsman’s media work on numerous details of “unnatural sexual crimes” and “rape of children” in the occupied territories, which could not be confirmed by evidence, only harmed Ukraine and distracted the world media from Ukraine’s real needs.

After February 24, the current Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights spent abroad, but not in Russia or Belarus, where her status and powers could help prisoners, deportees and victims of the occupation of Kherson, and in Davos, Vienna, Warsaw and other warm Western Europe.”(Ibid)

This compares to the Kiev junta that released convicted child rapists and sadistic torturers from the notorious Tornado battallion that the current Ukrainian government considered the unit “out of control”.

“This unit is out of control”: Ukrainian officials and State Department-sponsored human rights reports detail Tornado’s unbelievable sadism

Tornado, like the other Dobrobats, recruited a mix of far-right fanatics and hardened criminals. Its ranks included the Belarussian extremist Danil Lyashuk, who went by the call-sign “Mujahed” and has made claims claims about converting to Islam and supporting ISIS. While it is unclear whether Lyashuk actually served in ISIS, he has openly emulated the Islamist militia’s appetite for unhinged sadism.  In one 2015 audio recording, Lyashuk proclaimed, “without torture, life isn’t living.”  This became his motto.(Grayzone, “These are animals, not people”: Zelensky frees convicted child rapists, torturers to reinforce depleted military, July 2022)

With Western Media you can be sure that whatever they accuse Russia of, they themselves are guilty. Yet these imperialist rats talk of “jungles and gardens” (Middle East Eye, Josep Borrell’s European ‘garden’ is built on the plunder of the ‘jungle’, Oct 2022)

Or discuss how “Russians are different from us and don’t value human life” as Florence Gaub reiterated the new untermenshen. (Jimmy Dore, Russians are different and don’t value human life” Says German Pundit, April 2022)

Vadym Boychenko the Mayor who fled Mariupol declared Mariupol to be the “biggest war crime of the 21st century”. Airbrushed from our newspapers and journalists who have no integrity is the Iraq war. The depleted uranium deployed in Fallujah producing horrifying birth defects to this day. The Syrian war, the Yemen war with 27 million people starving.

The filth and lies the imperialist pigs spread will not have much staying power. Only 55% of Britons currently trust the BBC where 26% don’t trust it at all. (PressGazzette, Trust and interest in news falls in UK with Sun, Mail and Mirror bottom of table, June 2022)

A renewed effort should be made to disseminate, discuss and promote alternative media to cut through the rot and lies of mainstream media.

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