Instagram Adds Azov Nazi Stickers – Even As Nazis in USA Commit Massacres Of Innocent People

You can now support Azov Battalion, a nazi militia, by spreading their stickers on InstaGram.

In an incredibly short time period we witnessing the creeping nazification of Western societies. As capitalist economies bottomed out in the 2008 economic crash a decade of stagnation followed.

During this period the US continued it’s hybrid war against Russia (and the world). Believing the old adage that American strategists have always pursued – that if you separate Ukraine from Russia (who are – for all intents and purposes the same people) you relegate Russia to a regional power and not a world power.

The Azov Symbol

The symbol above the Azov lettering is a Wolfsangel symbol. Beloing to a Nazi SS symbol as shown here.

A “verified” account on twitter titled Kyiv Pride also displayed this Nazi symbol.

The Rise Of Liberal-Nazis

We went from “Azov are nazis but they aren’t really in the official army” to “Azov can’t be nazis, the president is Jewish!” to “We stand with Azov!” in a very short period!

Leaders like Justin Trudeau of the wonderful liberal paradise of Canada have been extolled. A man that wears black face at parties and has a known Ukrainian ultra-nationalist Nazi supporter as her Foreign defence minister, Christina Freeland. 1

The Liberal fraud works like this: Trump supporters and Canadian truckers are nazis and they need to be denounced in parliament as such.

Nazis that wear Nazi regalia, SS insignia or support perpetrators of the holocaust like Stepan Bandera are not nazis (Like Canadian defence minister Christina Freeland). And if they are nazis’ they’re OK because they’re “defending their Ukrainian homeland”.

Christina Freeland holding a banner of the OUN – a fascist organisation that committed the holocaust in Ukraine

The Latest Gladio Style Project – As A Nazi Shoots Up A Load of Innocent People in Buffalo
The above mass killer (Right) targetted a black neighborhood in Buffalo after writing a rambling manifesto about how white people aren’t reproducing enough children. This mans ideology is the same ideology being financed and backed in Ukraine
File:Obergruppenführersaal mit Schwarzer Sonne, Wewelsburg (10573256656).jpg
Under Nazi Germany Heinrich Himmler, head of the SS, ordered the Sonnerand symbol (shown above on a Ukrainian Nazi and an American mass murdering Nazi) to be put on the headquarters of the SS.

Operation Gladio was an operation that involved the killing of innocent people by Nato deep state agents in Nato countries. An effort to maintain a “strategy of tension” in which people would remain afraid of communists and in turn, turn to the State for protection and conservative politics. 2 3

This occurred all over Europe where communists had arisen as the cream of the crop of their societies for their anti-fascist action during World War 2. The massacres carried out at the behest of Nato ensured that the communists were sufficiently vilified. One need only look at the massacres, assassinations and murders carried out by Nato agents under Operation Gladio.

Such as the Bologna Massacre whereby upwards of 80 people were murdered by fascist agents of Nato to be blamed on the communists to destroy their popularity.

The $40 billion sent to the Ukrainian nazis will almost immediately go to the black market and the idea that Operation Gladio ended would be naive. The weapons sent by the US will end up in the hands of fascistic characters and those weapons will proliferate all across Europe.

Finding their way into all the organisations that use nazi symbols like the Sonnerand or the Wolfsangel.

With the coming collapse of European industry because of the rejection of Russian energy we should see this as a controlled demolition of Western European industry to enslave Europe to USA’s.

With the demolition of European industry as well as the coming global food shortages the bourgeoisie have decided to arm their footsoldiers now and ensure enough black market weapons have proliferated into the hands of Nato enthusiasts so when the economy eventually collapses they are ready to use the lumpen elements to be back the tide of history and the proletariat sweeping to power.

Nazis wave the flag of NATO, Azov Battallion and the Swastika – showing how comfortable the ideologies match to one another.

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