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The World Anti-Communist League: the Internationale of Crime

by Thierry Meyssan, reproduced from VoltaireNet The Fourth Congress of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL) At the end of the Second World War, US secret service agents use Nazi, fascist and Ustashi agents to create an anti-communist network: the Stay-behind [1]. While agents recruited in the States of the future Atlantic Alliance had to remain secret, …

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Part 1, On Libya: Trotskyism In The 21st Century

This critique of Trotskyism doesn’t wish to be a critique of Trotskyism and Trotskys theoretical writings. Lenin wrote enough writings on denouncing Trotskys theories that an entire book can be filled with them. Neither does it seek to be an overarching sweep of both Trotskys theoretical writings, his implementing of those ideas and his followers …

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The Sordid History Of Infant Formula & The USAs Attempt To Bully, Blackmail & Threaten 3rd World Countries

The 1974 article titled The Baby Killer blew the lid off the Nestle bottle formula scandal. (1) Companies like Nestle used women in nurses uniforms to sell their baby formula. They provided free samples to mothers who would use the formula. These women would then find their breasts had stopped giving milk after a month …