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Communsim, Culture, Imperialism, The Degenerate West, USA

The Last Of Us: Apocalypse Dystopia and 1980s Nostalgia Is All The Empire Has Left To Offer

Watching the latest Last Of Us episode (episode 7, Left Behind) you can’t help but be struck by how Americans want to turn back the clocks to the 1980s. Back when the Soviet bloc was suffering stagnation: due to the Krushchev revisionist turn in 1956 in ideology and economy and the US imperialists dropping the world …

Fake News, Hybrid War, Russia, Ukraine

The BBC’s Familiar Emotional Kvetching Over Fake ‘Mass Graves’ In Mariupol

Navigating to Iplayer to watch the BBC’s latest documentary on Mariupol you’ll find it sandwiched between their other documentaries “Hong Kongs Fight For Freedom” and “Iran: Women Rising” so you can be sure to know what to think on those British foreign policy directives also. The Hong Kong “freedom fighters” are almost exclusively funded by …

Capitalist Failure, The Degenerate West, USA

Pedophilia Promoted At Balenciago and Addidas

Balenciaga recently released some photos of a photoshoot featuring a child holding a teddy bear wearing a bondage outfit. Visible in the photos is a dog collar on the table. And in a carefully laid out set of documents can be seen references to a paedophile case. The court papers displayed are from the 2008 …

Soviet Union

Zyuganov: “I consider it a great tragedy that Gorbachev came to the crucible of political power”

I am holding in my hands the assessments of the leaders of the largest countries of the world in connection with the death of Gorbachev. These are the reviews of the US President, the French President, the Austrian Chancellor, the UN Secretary General and the British Prime Minister. The essence of these reviews boils down …

Banderites, Hybrid War, USA

The Famed Kherson Counter-Offensive Goes Up In Dust

I have been hearing about from many Ukrainian propagandists about the Kherson counter-offensive for months. The first person to mention it to me was a Polish homonationalist on Twitter. Speaking to the British broadcaster, Podolyak said that “war is a dynamic process” that entails “a constant correction of tactical goals” and that he preferred to discuss “the possibility of lifting …

Fascism, Imperialism, Ukraine

Instagram Adds Azov Nazi Stickers – Even As Nazis in USA Commit Massacres Of Innocent People

You can now support Azov Battalion, a nazi militia, by spreading their stickers on InstaGram. In an incredibly short time period we witnessing the creeping nazification of Western societies. As capitalist economies bottomed out in the 2008 economic crash a decade of stagnation followed. During this period the US continued it’s hybrid war against Russia …

US Crimes, World War 3

The Incoming Nuclear False Flag in Ukraine To Activate US Troops

The United States is the master of the false flag to brainwash it’s population into supporting war.The US has fabricated “incubator babies” being thrown out of incubators to get the liberals teary eyed and hungry for war.Hilary Clinton (and a corrupt mainstream media), known Epstein associate, claimed Ghaddafi gave viagra to soldiers to rape to …

AntiCommunism, Operation Gladio

The CIA created European Union Is Now Demanding Their Citizens Live Like Cave Dwellers To “Show Putin”

We’re witnessing the complete dominance of the Cosmopolitan Bourgeois Dictatorship by the neocons in the USA and the fifth columnists in the European Union The Atlanticist fifth columnists in the European Union have completely collapsed Europe. The EU always was a CIA project. This CIA created fascist beast has now paid dividends as Germany is …