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Nazism, Ukraine

Ukrainian Banderite Massacre’s and Sadism During World War 2

For those familiar with the spectacular documentary currently Einzatzgruppen, wherever the German Nazis went in world war 2 it was not German soldiers that committed the massacres, pogroms and general sadism against the local population. The German soldiers instead turned to the depraved lumpe Proletariat: the gangs, the nationalists and fascists. Even the German soldiers …

Biowarfare, Hybrid War, Imperialism, Russia

“Events like now happen once in a century”: Sergei Glazyev on the break of eras and the change of ways

Is it possible to stabilize the ruble in three days and why Ukrainian “zombies” do not give up Editors note: This is a translation from Russian of an article held at “After failing to weaken the PRC head-on through a trade war, the Americans shifted the main blow to Russia, which they see as …

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Collection Of Documents That Were Publicly Available on US Embassy in Kiev website

This post is a short one to collate documents. Once the Russians raised concerns of biowarfare the US embassy based in Kiev began hastily deleting files off it’s website. Those URL’s were backed up at however. Will return to upload PDF’s in case begins censorship also. …

Hybrid War, Imperialism

Ukraine, Germany And The Defeat Of Europe

An inexperienced government crawling with American toadies has led the Germans up a similar Primrose Path as the Ukrainians. The United States needed a war in Europe to get it’s Nato allies back under the US umbrella. The pipeline of Nordstream 2 ensured that German industry would inevitably drift toward Russia and China. With energy …

Predatory Capitalism, War

Russia Versus The West: Cracking Nato Like An Egg

The West has long over extended Nato. Incapable of beating barefoot jihadis in Afghanistan. Instead the Afghan war dragged on spreading continual human misery as Western mercenaries and the military industrial complex turned it into the worlds largest money laundering operation. Yet for some reason they were shocked at the advance of Taliban retaking the …

Communsim, Imperialism

Cosmopolitanism—Weapon of Predatory U.S. Imperialism

by Georges Cogniot, Member, Central Committee, French Communist Party In its struggle for world domination predatory U.S. imperialism makes wide use of the ideology of bourgeois cosmopolitanism as a weapon to enslave the peoples who are defending their national independence and sovereignty. On the way to world domination U.S. imperialism encounters the persistent and ever …

Imperialism, USA

Moribund Capitalism: The Many Graves The Americans Have Dug For Themselves

As the MSM attempts to fill the airwaves with “news” whether it’s the Russia ‘threat’ or the China ‘threat’. Anything to distract from the criminality going on at the Federal reserve in irresponsible money printing that has begun to see inflation rise in US society. “Quantitative easing” — or massive money printing in normal language …