Moribund Capitalism: The Many Graves The Americans Have Dug For Themselves

As the MSM attempts to fill the airwaves with “news” whether it’s the Russia ‘threat’ or the China ‘threat’. Anything to distract from the criminality going on at the Federal reserve in irresponsible money printing that has begun to see inflation rise in US society. “Quantitative easing” — or massive money printing in normal language — has led to a steep rise in inflation and asset bubbles as cash sleuths into the stock market. With a President who’s declining mental faculties are on full display and with the dangerous neoliberal faction behind Biden steering him..

The United States is going to lose the upcoming Cold War.

The Democrats Dug Themselves Into A Grave Over Hyping The Russia ‘Threat’ — Just As They Need Russia To Combat China

For years the Americans have been subject to insanity on the question of Russia. The “RussiaGate” hoax that turned out to be completely fabricated or Rachel Maddow screeching about Russia cutting off the heating for Americans in Winter.

The especially cruel persecution of Assange happened because not only did he pull the curtain back on the American empire and let the world see the evil and barbaric acts it committed… But more importantly because he embarrassed Hilary Clinton in the 2016 election.

How else are to we to see that Assange is effectively being tortured to death in a British prison, at the behest of their US masters?

If he should die in prison he’s effectively been tortured to death. That’s the reality of it, and I’m not exaggerating. (Nils Melzer, the United Nations special rapporteur on torture, RT,If Assange dies in UK prison it would mean he’d been ‘tortured to death,’ UN special rapporteur on torture tells RT, 31 Oct 2021) So whilst the fake News media told us many lies concerning Russia to play it’s Democratic base and downwardly mobile professional managerial class these things have a momentum of their own. The claim Russia paid for bounties for dead Americans? Fake. (NBC News, Remember those Russian bounties for dead U.S. troops? Biden admin says the CIA intel is not conclusive, April 15, 2021) From the lie CNN and MSNBC declaring Trump had advanced reading of the wikileaks Email Archive. (The Intercept, Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing U.S. Media Failures on the Trump-Russia Story, Jan 2019) To the lie that Luke Harding at the Guardian put out that Paul Manafort visited Assange at the Exuador embassy. (Ibid) Or the lie and fake that Slate put out that Trump created a secret server to talk with the Russians (Ibid) The fake news media needed to hammer home this propaganda 24/7 to galvanise it’s Democrat base. They knew it was a lie and they knew they were lying. Yet they did so because they needed an unassailable wall of propaganda against Trump so the bourgeois faction that controls the Democratic Party could regain power and stop the US empire looking like the ridiculous fascist caricature Trump was making it look like. But with Biden in power and the group controlling and maneuvering him behind him this has led to a deadlock in American foreign policy… Just as China begins its rise. The US foreign policy strategists would like to reach an agreement with Russia like the similar one Kissenger reached with China. Splitting China off from the Soviet Union and allowing the US to maximum pressure the Soviet Union which led to it’s eventual collapse. (Here I am talking about the sphere of military. The rise of Kruschev and his market socialism in 1956 as well as his documented lies about Stalin let to stagnation in Political ideology of the Soviet Union. With the reintroduction of the market in the Kosygin reforms of 1965 this would lead to the economic stagnation experienced in the 70s and 80s). Kissenger was always to warn that a Eurasian bloc consisting of China/Russia and Iran should never be allowed to be formed but current day Americans have pushed them into a bloc together.

China Will Regain Taiwan And The US Will Do Nothing About It

Following USA’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan I’m sure there were some nervous discussions going on in Taipei. Even months prior to this example a retired Taiwan general,Kao An-kuo, had called for the military to overthrow the DPP and surrender to China in the event of a war. (GreanvillePost, Gen. Kao An-kuo says that when ‘D-Day’ comes, Taiwan’s armed forces must join with pro-unification forces, July 2021)

I imagine many of the traitors in office in Taiwan were picturing a future where China comes to take back its rightful territory (Taiwan) whilst members of the DPP hold onto the underneath of US airplanes. The US has been implementing a hybrid war against China for some years already. A PLA strategist spoke at length in 2015 (famous author of Unrestricted Warfare) how the USA uses its financial empire to bankrupt countries and warned that the USA would attempt to “harvest China” like it had so many other regions around the world. But when it came to “harvesting China” it was unable to — and so it chose Ukraine and Europe instead.

When the Asian economy started to prosper, the Americans felt it was time to harvest. Thus, in 1997, after ten years of a weak dollar, the Americans reduced the money supply to Asia and created a strong dollar. Many Asian companies and industries faced an insufficient money supply. The area showed signs of being on the verge of a recession and a financial crisis.

A last straw was needed to break the camel’s back. What was that straw? It was a regional crisis. Should there be a war like the Argentines had? Not necessarily. War is not the only way to create a regional crisis.

Thus we saw that a financial investor called “Soros” took his Quantum Fund, as well as over one hundred other hedge funds in the world, and started a wolf attack on Asia’s weakest economy, Thailand. They attacked Thailand’s currency Thai Baht for a week. This created the Baht crisis. Then it spread south to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Then it moved north to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and even Russia. Thus the East Asia financial crisis fully exploded.

The camel fell to the ground. The world’s investors concluded that the Asian investment environment had gone south and withdrew their money. The U.S. Federal Reserve promptly blew the horn and increased the dollar’s interest rate. The capital coming out of Asia flew to the U.S.’s three big markets, creating the second big bull market in the U.S.

Unfortunately, the U.S. played with too much fire [in its own mortgage market] earlier and got itself into a financial crisis in 2008. This delayed the timing of the U.S. dollar’s hike a bit.

If we acknowledge that there is a U.S. dollar index cycle and the Americans use this cycle to harvest from other countries, then we can conclude that it was time for the Americans to harvest China. Why? Because China had obtained the largest amount of investment from the world. The size of China’s economy was no longer the size of a single county; it was even bigger than the whole of Latin America and about the same size as East Asia’s economy.

Since the Diaoyu Islands conflict and the Huangyan Island conflict, incidents have kept popping up around China, including the confrontation over China’s 981 oil rigs with Vietnam and Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” event. Can they still be viewed as simply accidental?

I accompanied General Liu Yazhou, the Political Commissar of the National Defense University, to visit Hong Kong in May 2014. At that time, we heard that the “Occupy Central” movement was being planned and could take place by end of the month. However, it didn’t happen in May, June, July, or August.

What happened? What were they waiting for?

Let’s look at another time table: the U.S. Federal Reserve’s exit from the Quantitative Easing (QE) policy. The U.S. said it would stop QE at the beginning of 2014. But it stayed with the QE policy in April, May, June, July, and August. As long as it was in QE, it kept overprinting dollars and the dollar‘s price couldn’t go up. Thus, Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” should not happen either.

At the end of September, the Federal Reserve announced the U.S. would exist from QE. The dollar started going up. Then Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” broke out in early October.

Actually, the Diaoyu Islands, Huangyan Island, the 981 rigs, and Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” movement were all bombs. The successful explosion of any one of them would lead to a regional crisis or a worsened investment environment around China. That would force the withdrawal of a large amount of investment from this region, which would then return to the U.S.

Unfortunately, this time the American’s opponent was China. China used “Tai chi” movements to cool down each crisis. As of today, the last straw to break the camel’s back has yet to occur and the Camel is still standing.

The camel didn’t break. Therefore, the Federal Reserve couldn’t blow its horn to increase the interest rate, either. The Americans realized that it was hard for them to harvest China, so they looked for an alternative.

Where else did they target? Ukraine, the connection between the EU and Russia. Of course there were some problems under Ukraine President Yanukovych’s administration, but the reason that the Americans picked it was not simply because of his problem. They had three goals: teach a lesson to Yanukovych who didn’t listen to the U.S., prevent the EU from getting too close to Russia, and create a bad investment environment in Europe.

Thus, a “color revolution,” took place, which the Ukrainians themselves appeared to have led. The U.S. achieved its goal unexpectedly: Russian President Putin took over Crimea. Though the Americans did not plan it, it gave the Americans better reasons to pressure the EU and Japan to join the U.S. in sanctioning Russia, adding more pressure to the EU’s economy.

Why did the Americans do this? People tend to analyze it from the geo-political angle, but rarely the capital angle. After the Ukraine crisis, statistics showed over US$1 trillion in capital left Europe. The U.S. got what it wanted: if it couldn’t get dollars out of China, it would get dollars out of Europe.(Chinascope, PLA Strategist: The U.S. Uses Its Dollar to Dominate the World, Sept 2015)

After it’s failure to harvest China financially the US fell back to what it knows — colour revolutions and destabilisations. This included such political activists in yellow face like “Kong Tsung-gan” (which turned out to be a very white and American Brian Kern). Brian Kern, role playing as a born and bred Hong Konger, was photographed warmly greeting Tom Grundy, the editor in chief of Hong Kong Free Press. Did Tom Grundy know his columnist “Kong Tsung-gan” was actually this white American Brian Kern? Brian Kern was just one tiny cog in a massive apparatus of regime change. The Americans and their NGOS and other tentacles were behind the massive protests of Hong Kong.(MintPress, American Government, NGOs Fuel and Fund Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protests, June 2019) But this, China defeated with it’s National Security law. American trained comprador traitors like Joshua Wong went to prison. Revolution of our times, indeed. (RT, Hong Kong protest hero Joshua Wong trained alongside the cream of Western-backed colour revolutionaries, Dec 2020). But China is not in a hurry to take back Taiwan and neither should they be. The US will continue to try to push the world to war by forcing the Taiwan issue and attempting to force Chinas hand.

But it is the US — not China — that has time running against it. China has all the time in the world as American decadent, moridbund and parasitic capitalism collapses in on itself.

This Is Not The End Of History For Russia Or China — The Civilizational Decline Is Coming From The USA

Gordon Chang rose to fame by predicting the “coming collapse of China” every year. In fact, it’s very well possible Gordon Chang is an undercover operative for the CPC as a psyop against the West, allowing China to develop strongly enough before coming into the crosshairs of the United States! (I am joking here of course). Yet all the while the signs of collapse are coming from the USA. The infrastructure bill that Sleepy Joe came into power promising to pass has been whittled down to nothing. In both China and Russia there has been a revival of a national rejuvenation: who’s possible best expression could be the comparison of army adverts for USA/Russia and China.

The sex obsessed United States is focused on creating as many identities as possible. Edward Said was to characterise imperialism in his famous Oriental, “imperialism is the export of identity.”

With Europe and USA’s constant need to universalise everything and export it round the globe it has held LGBT+ rights as universal — instead of underwritten by Western sexual epistemology and ontology and by a mass consumer culture class that only exists in the West and that arose at a similar moment in history (the 1960s with the sexual revolution). So the West thinks it is being “progressive” by sterilising it’s children based on the fraudulent science sexual theories of a paedophile, John Money, who claimed sex identities were socially constructed in early childhood. In the tragic case of David Reimer we see that sex is not a social construct but biological fact.

Sexual Identities — The Fradulent Research Propagated Around The World By A Pedophile

In 1967 Money met the patient who would make, and ultimately break, his reputation. In late 1965 the Reimers, a Canadian couple, had become the parents of identical twin boys. When the infants were seven months old they underwent routine circumcision. A power surge to the cauterising equipment burnt the elder boy’s penis beyond repair. As the couple agonised about what to do, they chanced to see Money presenting his theories on television. They wrote to him, and he assured them that if the child was brought up as a girl, then that is what ‘she’ would believe herself to be. Reluctantly, they agreed. The castration was carried out, the child’s name was changed from Bruce to Brenda, and the Reimers tried to forget they had ever had twin boys. For more than a decade Money wrote about what he called the ‘John/Joan’ case in glowing terms. The little ‘girl’ was happy and feminine; fond of dolls and housework. Her twin brother was a normal, rough-and-tumble boy.

The case was cited endlessly as proof that sex identities were socially constructed in early childhood. (Helen Joyce, Trans:When Ideology Meets Reality, Chapter 1)

John Money, besides being a fraud in his theories of sex was also a practising paedophile and forced the twin children (Bruce, having now become Brenda who would later revert back to man during his teenage years upon the insistence he was a boy)

But the children did not enjoy these enforced activities — particularly those involving “play at thrusting movements and copulation,” which Brian recalls that Dr. Money first introduced when the twins were six years old. Money, he says, would make Brenda assume a position on all fours on his office sofa and make Brian come up behind her on his knees and place his crotch against her buttocks. Variations on the therapy included Brenda lying on her back with her legs spread and Brian lying on top of her. On at least one occasion, Brian says, Dr. Money took a Polaroid photograph of them while they were engaged in this part of the therapy. (John Colapinto, As Nature Made him, ISBN-10: 0–06–112056–1)

Having been preyed on by this degenerate John Money “Brenda” the “success” story of “Brenda” Reimar shot around the globe. The only problem was the pedophile John Money was lying. David Reimer was desperately unhappy who then reverted back to being a boy.

In reality, however, the sex-reassigned twin was neither happy nor at all feminine. Money exaggerated any indication that the child was settling into girlhood, and concealed the awkward truth that in puberty ‘she’ had started to insist on being regarded as a boy. Eventually, the Reimers told their child the truth, and he took the name David and reclaimed a male identity. As an adult he underwent operations to construct a neo-penis, married a woman who already had children and tried to settle down

The story became public after Milton Diamond, an academic sexologist convinced that Money’s theories were rubbish, tracked David Reimer down. In 1997 it was written up by journalist John Colapinto in an award-winning article in Rolling Stone magazine, and then in a book. There were tragic addenda: in 2002 Brian, David’s twin, died of an overdose of antidepressants and two years later, aged thirty-eight, David killed himself with a gunshot to the head. Between his sex reassignment and death, thousands of children worldwide had been sterilised and brought up as members of the other sex, in part because his life as a girl had supposedly been such a wonderful success. (Helen Joyce, Trans:When Ideology Meets Reality, Chapter 1)

The trend to paedophilia can be seen in Western society as it’s morals collapse. Supposed “LGBT” mascots are greeting children at libraries wearing a dildo in London.

RT, London borough apologises for having actor in bare-bottomed monkey costume with mock genitalia encourage kids to read more books, July 2021

Only in the West could a set of “theories” from a pedophile spread the way they have. And only in the West, after the sham John Money was exposed as a fraud and a pedophile could he remain in his role at John Hopkins University until his death in 2006.

And instead of a quick recall of the fraudulent ‘studies’ he authored but were allowed to become mainstream Western consensus. Having been allowed to harm so many children with sterilisation and the utopian and fake belief that you can change your sex at will. Helen Joyce makes the pertinent point that children cannot consent to puberty blockers and when a study was done of puberty blockers every single person transitioned whereas the control group usually went through a development in their puberty that allowed them to be happy in their bodies.

Instead, something striking happened. Of the seventy children enrolled in a study between 2000 and 2007, every single one progressed to cross-sex hormones. Almost all had surgery at age eighteen: the removal of any breast tissue that had developed despite the blockers and sometimes phalloplasties (the construction of a neo-penis from tissue harvested from a forearm or thigh) for the females; and castration and vaginoplasty for the males. These children were all highly gender-dysphoric, and had not desisted by the start of puberty. The clinicians believed they had done a good job of picking out likely persisters, and indeed it is plausible that they had. But recall that every single study on children had found a majority desisting. It beggars belief that clinicians somehow learned to predict exactly which children would persist, exactly when they started using puberty blockers. Far more plausible is that puberty blockers, as well as blocking the physical changes that puberty brings, also blocked the developmental process whereby gender dysphoria often resolves.

Early signs suggest that the number of children appearing at gender clinics is levelling off in Sweden, where clinicians have started to become concerned about the uncritical promotion of trans identification across society. And in late 2020, an English court ordered the country’s sole paediatric gender clinic to seek judicial approval before offering children puberty-blocking drugs. These, it ruled, were part of a treatment pathway leading to irreversible harms that very few under-sixteens could possibly have the maturity to understand and consent to. But in the United States, where regulation is light and the health-care lobby is powerful, clinicians are abandoning even the last vestiges of caution. This story will end in shattered lives — and lawsuits.(Helen Joyce, Trans:When Ideology Meets Reality, Chapter 1)

This diversion into sexual politics (I would rather stay away, given the vitriolic and abusive nature of the Identity Politics crowd, that ask even tentative questions as I have here) cannot be helped in analysing the superstructure of American society and one can hardly come to any other conclusion than that the USA is a degenerating society destined for collapse.

It is perhaps fitting that as I finished this article a round of disgust went around the world at a “transgender” (man) pummelled a woman on TV in an MMA fight.

In contrast Russia and China are experiencing a national rejuvenation of their civilisations. That McDonalds, obesity and identity politics are not things to celebrate. Capitalism is long past it’s due. It’s a decrepit, decadent, parasitic and moribund system that has to increasingly foster Malthusian ideology among the ruling class (who fear their wage slaves and wake up in sweats that their neocolonies and avenues for super exploitation will be taken from them).

Vladimir Lenin makes the point in Imperialism that the industrialised economies were becoming parasitic.

The export of capital, one of the most essential economic bases of imperialism, still more completely isolates the rentiers from production and sets the seal of parasitism on the whole country that lives by exploiting the labour of several overseas countries and colonies.(Lenin, Imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism)

That not only were they becoming parasitic but having to retard the development of productive forces worldwide because this was in the monopolies that really run the USA and its allies.

Since monopoly prices are established, even temporarily, the motive cause of technical and, consequently, of all other progress disappears to a certain extent and, further, the economic possibility arises of deliberately retarding technical progress. (Ibid)

And this state of parasitism was inevitably to influence every section of the socio-political conditions. With the US (and it’s puppet states in Nato) able to freely own wholesale the entire globe. Chocolate farmed by slave children in the Ivory Coast, access to pornography and vulnerable performing sex acts on Only Fans, the Coltan mined by slave children in the Congo, the avocados provided to the West fueling gangwarfare and land theft all across South America, the Chinese producing the products the West gets to enjoy etc.

ad inifitum

The rentier state is a state of parasitic, decaying capitalism, and this circumstance cannot fail to influence all the socio-political conditions of the countries concerned,in general, and the two fundamental trends in the working-class movement, in particular. (Ibid)

With the Wests economic base as utterly parasitic “which cannot fail to influence socio-political conditions in general”, as well as cultural, spiritual and the morals of the working class I suspect the witnessing of a woman being beaten by a man will not be an occasion for reflection in the West.

Instead it’s easy to see how the neoliberal culture warriors will celebrate this as “new moment for diversity”. I’m sure many looking around the world today: will instead see it as a deep signifier in the rot and moribund society of the West.

The US will inevitably slip up in the coming years. Whether it by over attempting to enforce it’s malthusian and nihilistic ideology on China or Russia. It is destined for imperial overreach because empires no no hubris and the deadlock within the US political system can’t even introspect itself to see the rot within it.

When it does it will be shocked with how history will sweep away the US regime and it’s rotten system of imperialism.

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