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Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

[Moscow Trials] Trial Of Trotsky A Joke, Says (Carlton) Beals

Editors Note: The Dewey Commission was setup by fawning Trotskyites. Mauritz Hallgren resigned from the Commission stating Trotsky was guilty and attesting to the group being sycophants for Trosky. Carleton Beals also resigned from the commission calling it a Joke and a “Pink Tea Party” for Trotsky. Beals points out that Trotsky does not provide …

Moscow Trials, Soviet Union

[Moscow Trials] Why I resigned from the Trotsky Defense Committee, Mauritz Hallgren

Editors note: The Trotskyites long held that the Moscow Trials were “frame ups”. The ludicrous anti-communist propaganda at the time that the defendants were “hypnotised using slav psychology” as Mauritz Hallgren points out here. Having been asked to join the Dewey Commission (a commission setup for the defence of Leon Trotsky) Mauritz Hallgren studied the …